Sunday, November 6, 2011

One of those Fall Chores.

Of course,  I don’t happen to be talking about moving our clocks back an hour either.   We did that last weekend here in Europe.  Bet you didn’t know that.  It’s mostly an inconvenience I find,  especially since I seem to have an easier time of doing a six hour time difference between here and most of our family back home,  and then when we switch our clocks,  and they don’t,  that mental five hour difference on the clock somehow gets more difficult.  Maybe that’s only because it doesn’t take much to confuse me?

Everyone on the other side of the pond has now dutifully changed their clocks,  except for Arizona.  (well,  and Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Samoa…and most of Saskatchewan…)

It’s a silly thing.  Really.  I remember the tractor we had on the farm when I was a kid was equipped with headlights,  so the idea of changing the time to help the farmers was kind of lost on me.   While I realise that everyone wants to have the greatest respect for the guy who came up with the idea, (Well,  turns out he proposed it in an anonymous letter) he also had the bright interesting idea that the turkey should be the national bird of the United States.  

No comment.


The only benefit I see that it has these days is to remind everyone to change the batteries in their smoke and CO2 detectors.

Um hello?  Children living in my house?   Please do that.  Oh,  and maybe remind the other children who moved out in the spring?   Thanks.   They might forget to put out their recycling or some other silly little thing since they’re new home owners,  but that’s not something that’s going to kill them.


No,  here’s the chore I’m talking about.




There must be what?  Twenty five or thirty leaves out there?   It was windy yesterday,  dammit.    We’re not supposed to get leaves on the terrace.  That’s not what I signed up for.  I did my tour of duty during the last five years as a Head Caretaker.   We had a lovely little grove of trees out in front of the school.  Lovely that is,  up until about the second week in September.  Then it was more like a nightmare.

Well,  I got that off my chest.   Thanks.




In other “news”.  We received our latest opera tickets in the mail on Friday.   I didn’t say anything at the time,  since I was starting to get a little wordy as it was.  No sense in putting anyone to sleep.



We’re in row four.   Hah!   I told Travelling Companion she’ll be able to see the sweat on the brow of the conductor.   Not sure that was what she wanted to hear.  She made a face.

I think you know my philosophy when it comes to these types of things.  Go big or stay home.   I have no desire to sit up in the cheap seats,  since I consider this type of thing a “once in a lifetime”,  so I’m willing to pony up the serious cash. 

Mind you,  thirty years ago,  had I been in Vienna as a student,  I would have happily paid the tiny amount you pay to be in the area where you get to stand for the whole thing. They sort of have these little pedestals you can lean against.  I think those places go for about €8.  Such a deal!  And hey,  I remember being able to stand for hours,  but certainly not anymore.


That’s about it for today kids.



Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thanks for stopping by.




  1. Leaves on your terrace? Oh horrors. I hated raking leaves. The last house we owned didn't have any trees on it but our neighbor had two huge things that more than made up the mess. So glad that's not my problem any longer.

  2. Too funny - I'm watching CBS Sunday Morning right now and they are going to have a segment on the dreaded leaf blower.

  3. No worries Daddoo - first errand on our list was Home "Despot" to buy a pack of batteries to change all the smoke alarms - and you don't have to worry about Daughter #1, that's one thing she would actually remind *us* to do :) and I'd love to be raking right now but that same Daughter of yours stole our rake...

  4. 30 whole leaves-that is tough:) I thought it was Ben Franklin who proposed the Turkey-elegant bird that it is:)


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