Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monday night at the Opera.




You may recall that I had taken this gratuitous photo of the opera tickets I had ordered a while back.  I might just keep them now as souvenirs,  even though I don’t really do that.

It’s going to be hard to describe the experience without sounding like a complete fool.  We’re pretty sure that La Bohème is now our very favourite opera.  Ever. 

I’m also pretty much convinced that Puccini wrote just about the most compelling music of any composer who ever thought about writing an opera score.  Travelling Companion said it gave her goose bumps.  For my part,  I’m sure there was someone peeling onions nearby, since I was having some difficulty with my eyes.  So was the old fellow next to me as it so happened.  Silly old buggers.

I mean,  we know going in that Mimi dies at the end.  Where’s the surprise?   All three of the operas that we’ve seen by Puccini end with the death of the female protagonist.  Madame Butterfly,  Tosca and now La Bohème.

For those of you who have been remotely curious,  here’s a peek at Travelling Companion.  This was during intermission.  

And yes,  one does get dressed up a bit for the opera.



We have no desire to queue up for overpriced water or libations during intermission,  although we did get there early enough to sit down and each have a glass of wine.  I was actually a little surprised that the price was comparable with café prices. It’s so much nicer to arrive early enough to actually have time on your hands. 

The slightly silly thing is,  we never bothered to get a program,  and now I’m not even sure who it was that was singing the role of Mimi.  It was supposed to be Maija Kovalevska,  but when I went to her website, it said that she had been ill.  Huh?   So who is this chick?


Her understudy,  presumably.  I guess we’ll never know.  She was awesome,  that’s for sure.  Maybe that was her big break?  Who knew?




Now, in a completely unrelated vein,  I had to take a quick pic of these boots I saw today on my out and about.




Lucky for you though I didn’t take a picture of the creature  woman who was wearing them,  or it would have been,  “whoa!”. 

Life in the city!   Gotta love it!



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  1. nice to see the two of you all 'gussied up'!!..and a picture of TC finally!!!..she is real!!..now as for the red boot person?..well we are glad that you left that to the imagination!!..and hey I am first for once to comment..whoohoo for me!!

  2. nice to see a Pic of TC after all this time!!! Or did you have a stand in for the picture?? I betcha that chick thought those boots were smokin hot...hey if it helped her smile for the day so be it lol

  3. Great picture of you guys all spruced up for your night out. But TC really missed out by not wearing her red boots. LOL

  4. Love the red boots...NOT!
    Glad you enjoyed the opera. You don't look too bad when your all cleaned up.

  5. Looking pretty snazzy there all dressed up for the opera. I don't really get operas all that much so I don't think I'd ever be able to get all teary-eyed at one. I'm happy to hear that you and TC really enjoyed it though.


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