Monday, November 7, 2011

Better the second day.

Getting so these posts are appearing here about as regular as a hen lays an egg.   The morning of one day,  the evening of the next,  and then I seem to skip a day.

I’m only going on what my old man told me about hens and their laying habits.  I just now thought I’d try finding something out on the net,  but that seems to be a bit of a slippery slope.  It’s already a wee bit late in the day and I was getting nowhere.

This isn’t really about the evening meal,  although that was the kernel of an idea that brought about this particular trip to the egg laying box.

Once in a while we like to have this one particular dish that consists of rice and peas.   I know,  it doesn’t sound all that great,  except that you start out with a fried onion (or part of one,  apparently I’ve been using too much)  and then at some point you add tomato paste.   I can make it,  but if Travelling Companion offers,  I’m happy to step aside.  There’s a certain amount of skill and timing involved.

She made this dish yesterday,  and it’s as good or better on the second day as fried rice.

Along with that,  I thought I’d like some MEAT.   The chances of me becoming a vegetarian are pretty darned slim I’m afraid.   Rice all by itself,  even with the peas and paste, isn’t going to cut it.

So I happened to notice these little Wursts in the store and figured I’d give them a shot.  This still isn’t even about the Wursts,  it’s about merchandising.

How do you get people to try your particular brand of mustard on their sausages if you don’t have a place where it can be given out as samples?   Well,   you stick a couple packs IN WITH THE PRODUCT.


See the little packets over there on the left?  Pretty good mustard too.   I thought it was a stroke of genius.   Of course,   the chances of me remembering what I just ate is another matter all together.  These marketing folks didn’t count on the Bob factor.  If it’s in a red package (with maybe a flashing neon sign) I suppose I might have a chance.   That’s the underlying difference between this system and giving out samples at a place like Costco.  At Costco you can immediately go to the shelf and find the product. 




As you quite possible might have gathered,  not too blessed much happened yesterday.  Didn’t even feel up to doing the Church routine.   T.C.  had a lovely time watching movies and generally recharging her batteries.   I usually leave her to watch whatever she likes, but we did watch The King's Speech together.  Pretty good film,  even if slightly historically inaccurate.  There were a few issues I had with the appearance of Churchill who,  for example felt there was no need for Edward Vlll to abdicate,  which was not the way it was portrayed in the film.  I’m being picky though,  since I suppose there needs to be some room for artistic licence, or it would have just been another boring documentary.   On the other hand,  I rather like documentaries.


And now for a couple random photos from a brief walk I took Sunday afternoon.



That’s actually the Vienna River,  which flows down to the Danube.  They’ve very conveniently added a subway line right along side.  And how do we know it’s a subway?  There are no overhead wires.


I also saw this rather effective “beware of dog” type of sign in a window.


You need to click this one for a better look.

It's a Rottweiler.

It says, “I need 5 seconds to get to the door,  and you?”



Thanks for stopping by.


Oh,  and I just had another look at that first picture.   Those sausages tasted heaps better than they look.  Really. 





  1. hahahah love the dog about an alarm system he would make....glad you got to eat some meat..even if you don't remember the type of mustard that came with it..:)

  2. I am definitely not a vegetarian - I like meat way too much. Great sign - just don't think it would work for our two.

  3. I know what you mean about certain things tasting better the second day. When I make curry now, I always make it a day before and let it simmer awhile and then sit until the next day for dinner. Always tastes better that way.

    Kevin and Ruth


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