Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Monday.

Why do the weekends fly by?  It seems like time speeds up over the weekend,  and then slows down to a crawl when T.C. has to head back to work.

She’s very much looking forward to taking some time off at Christmas.  The flight arrangements have been made for one set of “Children” who will be coming to Vienna for a couple weeks over Christmas.   These “Children” are in their forties,  so it’s not like they’ll be getting on the plane with big I.D. tags on each of their necks.   The other two “Children”  have both started new jobs,  which means they’ll both have to work over Christmas.  Kind of sucks,  but I’d sooner see them both gainfully employed.   We’ll have them over in the New Year some time.  That could get a little complicated,  since it could possibly mean that Travelling Companion won’t be able to get too much time off.  Hm.

We’re pretty much used to there just being the two of us,  which has been the case for the last three years or so.   There’s a segue in there,  since I somehow want to mention how I seem to have adjusted to just cooking for the two of us,  whereas T.C. hasn’t quite made that transition just yet?

I thought we had been able to get past the “cooking for an army” stage years ago.  Not quite. 

Last week some time,  and I don’t remember exactly when,  the subject of making Squash Soup came up,  and I happened to spot a Butternut Squash on Thursday morning.   There was a rather huge one that looked to be just a tad too expensive at something over €6,00 and I refused to pay that much,  so I bought a smaller one.   The other thing was too,  that any purchase like that,  that I make when on foot,  means I have to lug it home.   Only a minor consideration,  but it’s always in the back of my mind.   Blood circulation to the tips of the fingers is a good thing.

So I sat the thing on the counter and didn’t think too much about it,  but when T.C. got home Thursday night,  she seemed to think that I should indeed have got the big one, so I bought another one the next day.  I don’t argue about these things.  It’s a freakin’ squash,  and not worth the bother.   It so happened that I had the car when I got the second one,  so I could have bought a dozen I suppose.


Well,  it turns out we’re going to be eating Squash Soup for a couple nights it seems.   This is the pot we had to use in order to be able to fit it all in. 




I’m not even sure what size of pot this is,  but there are two of them in the set that I don’t even have room for in the kitchen here.  I think they call this one a “stock” pot.  I don’t think that has anything to do with “stock”  cars though. 

I keep them upstairs in the storage room.  We shipped an entire set of cookware,  (and yes,  you might recognise that it’s Paderno,  made in P.E.I.) but with just the two of us,  there were a couple items that I figured we’d never,  ever use.   Who knew?

Thankfully I had something else planned for last night’s dinner,  or we would have been eating much, much too late in the day. 

And I suppose the good news is that I won’t have to do too much thinking in terms of our meal choices for a couple days. 

No thinking = Good.

Hopefully we don’t get sick of it before Wednesday. 

Oh,  and before you think,  “but you could put it in the freezer!”.  That won’t work.   Our freezer here is about the size of the one we had in our motorhome,  and I’m constantly battling with the thing.   I have to make sure I open the freezer door and check how much I have in there before making any plans to buy something to put back in.    Such a drag!   And if I don’t defrost the stupid thing soon,  it’s going to get even smaller.


I don’t bother clicking my heels anymore.



Thanks for stopping by.




  1. One of the things I really don't like is trying to figure out what to have for dinner every night. Not sure why that's such a toughie but for me it is.

  2. Seems we get stuck in a 'same ole' rut every day wondering what to make 'different' for supper...but I have to say squash soup is never on our menu-I just could never acquire a taste for it..humm do love turnip tho...

  3. that is a mighty big pot for two people without a freezer!..hope the soup is really really good or you will be slurpin' it up for a few days!!!..enjoy!! what's for dinner?..I hate that question!!


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