Friday, November 18, 2011

I talk to the trees.

That title is only the result of digging down to the bottom on the barrel here.  This is coming to you from the pulsing metropolis of Gmünd.   (do I even need to tell you to insert the sarcasm font?  Seriously.)

The drive last night wasn’t too bad at all.   There are always a few idiots who just need to go that little bit faster of course.   Once in a very long while,  karma comes around to bite them in the ass,  and they wind up in the ditch,  and I’ve always been tempted to get out and give them a little sermon,  but usually just drive slowly on by.   Hasn’t happened in a long time though.  Most of the hurrying folk last night had licence plates from places like Horn,  (yes,  that’s an actual place name!) so you know they drive that road every night,  and are racing home.  Not sure why there’s the need to race.   I just let them sail on by.  Always planning my “out” if the passing situation looks like it’s going to get dicey.    Thankfully there are enough passing lanes along the way to give them all a chance to go on by,  and to get around the transport trucks.  It did start to get foggy in the usual spot,  when we were about two thirds of the way here.  The last couple times we’ve come through this one particular little town during one of these trips,  it has been foggy.  I just thought to myself how I could never live there.  It was like something you see in the movies.   I think it would depress me to the point of no return.

We’ve made out little trip up into the Czech Republic this morning,  and I dropped off T.C. at about ten past nine.  She wanted to have a little chat with a couple folks before the first candidate shows up.   Some of the stuff they put on their résumés is a little mind boggling,  but maybe it’s somehow part of the culture here?   Like,  who cares if you have two kids,  or when you were born for that matter?   These are questions we wouldn’t even dare ask in either Canada or the US.   Makes for good entertainment I suppose.   My thoughts were,  if you put something on a résumé,  shouldn’t I be able to verify it?   Does that mean you’re going to parade your children in here like a scene out of “The Sound of Music”?   Just wondering.


Anyway,  check out time is approaching,  so that’s going to be it for today.


Keep those sticks on the ice,  and thanks for stopping by.



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  1. Lived for awhile up around Flathead Lake in Montana. Some of the most beautiful country in the world but I ended up hating to live there. In the winter time the clouds would get trapped between the mountains and we wouldn't see the sun for weeks at a time. That was also depressing.


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