Saturday, November 26, 2011

Sunny Saturday.

Yes it’s true.  The sun actually made an appearance today. Wasn’t sure what it was at first,  since it’s been a while since we’ve had that experience.

Today is the first “Shopping Saturday”,  also referred to the first “Advent Saturday”,  but I don’t think the shoppers were too concerned with any kind of religious reference.  Just a hunch.  At least I think it’s the first Advent Saturday,  I could be confused.

What that means for the main shopping drag,  is that it becomes a pedestrian zone for most of the day.

Not much happening though at about 9:30 this morning when I took this:


Not only that,  but human nature being what it is,  it takes a while to get people used to the idea of being able to walk on the road.  When I first rounded the corner,  I thought I had set off a little too late for my morning jaunt,  since the sidewalks were a little crowded, but that was because nobody was walking on the street.  I did soon realise that there was some protection from the wind if you were in close to the buildings,  but that was hardly a consolation.

Travelling Companion and I did go out in the afternoon and hit a couple stores.  No more or less crowded than any other Saturday I found.  Mariahilferstraße is usually mobbed most any Saturday.  Divulging any of our purchases wouldn’t be wise.  Never know who is reading.  I did place a little “Black Friday” order on yesterday.  That should be delivered in time for Christmas.  I sure appreciate that whole “free delivery” concept.  If I could do all Christmas shopping “on the line”,  that’s all I would do.  Even in the pre-internet days,  a fellow could haul out the Sears catalogue,  get on the phone,  place an order and then whip over to the Sears catalogue pick up area during a break in the evening,  they were open until 9:00 p.m.  This was when I was working afternoons.  Man that was handy!


I just now went down and took a couple more pictures,  and everyone is still on those sidewalks.  Seems to be mostly working out to be a pain in the ass for the car drivers as far as I can see.  Hm?



Those shots certainly aren’t the best,  and there’s probably some setting or other that I could have used to make them ever so slightly better.  Wasn’t willing to dig out the big camera,  but I think you get the idea.

The rest of the day was filled with a whole lot of nothing.  Not sure if the term “delicious” could be applied to nap taking,  but I seemed to have a had a pretty good one in the late afternoon. 

We had originally planned to nip out in the car this morning, but when I discovered the closure of the street,  that put an end to that idea.   Makes it tough to get back into our parking garage,  unless I’m willing to go a short distance the wrong way up a one way street. I had to do it once,  the first November we were here,  but I’d just as soon not push my luck.  Vienna’s finest are out in convincing numbers when there are that many shoppers around.  Always on the lookout for the pick-pockets,  and possibly knobs going the wrong way up a one way street. 

Here’s hoping for a little more sun tomorrow,  and that everyone is having a fine weekend.


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  1. Hi! Just caught your comments on Bad Nick's blog -- well done, you! :) -- Susie C.

  2. Hi! Just caught your comments on Bad Nick's blog -- well done! :) -- Susie C.

  3. So glad you have sunshine. Makes the day so much better. So is Advent Saturday like our Black Friday except the people don't get so out of control over there? Not going to catch me out in either one of them.

  4. I think it is only right that you should get sunshine at least once a month:)

  5. a sunny day..a stroll down the street and some shopping!..sounds like a perfect Saturday to me!..better than mine was!..filled with housework and laundry!!


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