Monday, November 21, 2011

The things you see.

Or maybe it should be,  “The ‘things’ you see”?   Not sure.  This will be revealed in a moment.

The weekend was very,  very quiet so there wasn’t too much of interest to add here.  Travelling Companion basically took it easy.  Can’t say I did much more than that. 

LAST Sunday we did the Church thing,  and my lower extremities darned near froze,  so I wasn’t too upset to not repeat that this week.  It goes without saying that the Churches like St. Augustine's are huge,  and therefore not heated.   In some of the Churches they do heat the seats,  and that’s always nice,  but your feet still freeze.

Or at least mine do.  Last winter I actually started wearing my winter boots to church. 

Anyone who knows me at all, understands that sitting on uncomfortable Church pews isn’t one of my “Sound of Music” type “favourite things” to start with,  and then if my feet start to freeze as well?   Oh ya,  good times.




Anyway,  there is this one gas station/service centre/car wash/restaurant that I pass by from time to time when I’m in the Gmünd area,  and this time around,  when I found myself in need of their “services”,  I remembered to take my camera.   Always best to be discrete of course,  but this isn’t the first time I’ve taken a picture or two in such a location.


It’s these ladies here that can give a person a bit of a “start” at first. 


Yes,  you can click on her.


If I show you the second one,  you can see exactly where these photos have been placed.




Somebody certainly has a sense of humour.


I just noticed the conveniently placed ashtrays.  That’s clever.  Keeps the butts out of the urinal I suppose.


I’ve mentioned the idea that you can get used to anything,  but I tend to forget from one visit to the next,  and most any time I go in here,  I tend to get a bit of a jolt.  Thankfully they’re just pictures,  or I’d still be standing there trying to go.

Talk about “stage fright”!



We’ve pretty well had four days of dreary weather,  and this morning isn’t much different.

The only sun we saw was on Friday afternoon as we were coming into the city.  Even then it went down so fast I didn’t get the camera out in time. 




Keep those sticks on the ice kids!


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. someone indeed does have a great sense of humour!..that is funny!!

  2. Maybe you have to be uncomfortable to get close to god ;)

  3. Way too funny. I like "things" like that.

  4. what a hoot...I also find my feet freeze in church...

  5. Those pictures are hilarious. Hope they don't have similar ones in the ladies room.

    As long as it's your feet that are cold in church and not your heart, I suppose you're okay!!

    Just have to say, I love reading all your comments on other blogs, including my own.


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