Monday, October 31, 2011

A beautiful spring day!

I’ll probably live to regret those smug words in a few days,  but in the mean time,  we’re being just a tad spoiled.  Depending on just where you might be in the city,  I’d almost declare it to be “shirt sleeve” weather.   Mind you,  you’d probably need to be Canadian,  since we seem to have a slightly different set of requirements for it to be “shirt sleeve” weather.  The Austrians tend to get bundled up even when it’s 10°C,  and Travelling Companion and I have come to the conclusion that,  since it doesn’t really get all that bitterly cold here,  the ladies take advantage of any drop in temperature to wear all their “winter” fashions. 

There’s not too much happening today.   I had to make a trip back to Bauhaus and exchange one of the Christmas light sets we bought.  Seems there are three (or more) different types of outdoor lights,  and by that I mean besides having the honkin’ big old fashioned incandescent bulbs over the new fangled LEDs.   We didn’t see any of the old fashioned kind.  Maybe this is why Vienna goes nuts at Christmas with their light decorations.  You can string together set after set of LED lights and they won’t draw any more current than your clock radio.   Plus,  they don’t give off any heat.  Having hot Christmas lights on a dry Christmas tree was something that would always bother me.  Just too scary.

Of course,  the next challenge will be trying to figure out how and where to hook them all up.  I did manage to find the timer.  That’s a start.


Since of course,  you NEED to know these things,  we made the trek to church Sunday (yesterday) morning.  They were doing Mozart’s Mass in D major  (KV 194),  so that’s usually a good reason to go.   I’ll never get used to those pews though.

On a slightly more ominous note,  we’ve been very careful over the last couple years (seriously? A couple years?)  to place ourselves on the LEFT side of the church,  after being in somewhat too close a proximity to one particular gentleman who is there on a regular basis.  I don’t want to get into any details, but let’s just say he wouldn’t win any awards for personal hygiene.   So,  since it’s nearly impossible to be “upwind”  from someone in Church,  we’d just as soon be well outside of a three metre boundary layer.   I was going to use the term “imaginary”,  but trust me,  if he comes and sits down anywhere within that three metre zone,  you won’t need any imagination at all.   There are times when a gentle breeze would be nice in church,  but I guess it wouldn’t really work with all those candles?

You have to understand that we do tend to get there early,  since the place fills up fast.  So, interspersed with enjoying the rehearsal of the choir/soloists and orchestra up to the beginnings of the service,  we do seem to find ourselves scanning the crowd from time to time,  to make sure that yes,  there he is,  sitting way over there on the other side.  

Yesterday I was having some difficulty finding him though,  and happened to mutter something that was at least audible enough for Travelling Companion to offer the following: “He’s behind us”.




Whoa!  there he is.   Just a few rows behind us.   I’m not sure what he’s reading (the service was over by the time I hauled myself out of the pew to take this photo)  but I’d wager that it’s not the instructions from a can of Right Guard?? 

I mean,  he doesn’t really LOOK smelly,  but you’ll notice there’s a bit of a space around him?  Yup,  didn’t take those folks long to bug out.   Poor unsuspecting bastards.  

The thing is,  he’ll just come along and sit wherever there’s barely enough space,  and for the most part,  since church goers tend to be all “Christian like”,  they don’t realise until it’s too late,  that by giving up a little space in their pew,  they’ll be barely able to keep their breakfasts down for the next hour or so.   There’s a pun in there somewhere.  “Pew”?  “P-U”?? 

(Um,  if you don’t get it,  click the link,  OK?   Geez.)


You might have gathered that I have the car today,  since I mentioned going back to Bauhaus.  Travelling Companion is going to be off to the Czech Republic tomorrow morning, and even though she really and truly has plenty of fuel to go up and back,  I offered to chauffeur in order to then top up the tank.  There was also the minor matter of the Christmas lights to sort out.   I find if there’s something to be taken back or exchanged,  I’d just as soon do it right away,  since receipts have a nasty habit of getting misplaced the longer I put it off.   As it was,  I had put that particular receipt in a “safe place”, and then couldn’t remember where that was.


Hey, but I found that timer!    Just wanted to point that out.


That’s pretty much it for life today in Wienerland.  

I thought I’d throw in this pic I took the other day at the airport.  It’s not just the women folk who get bundled up in the cooler weather.




Thanks for stopping by.   Don’t eat the yellow snow.





  1. Maybe someone should leave him a note that says "cleanliness is next to Godliness:)

  2. you crack me up...catching up on my blog reading here...yup you crack me


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