Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Can’t let this go.

Well.... that didn’t take long.

Now,  what I’d like to do here for your amusement,  is to simply inject a couple comments into this article that I saw this morning on the CBC website.   I’ve changed the font colour to green,  in the hopes of it being different yet legible.  (no “magenta”,  thank-you)

You can go to the website and read the article there if you wish, (along with all the goofy comments) just to verify that I haven’t left anything out.  I’d prefer to make my comments here for a select audience.


OK,  here we go:

“Sports balls are making a rebound at an elementary school in the city's east end following parental outrage over a controversial all-out ban.

The decision to lift the temporary moratorium on soft sports equipment such as tennis balls, Nerf balls and basketballs came out of a parent-teacher meeting Monday night at Earl Beatty Public School.

While a ban on hard balls had been in place at the school for more than a decade due to the small size of the schoolyard, staff only began to enforce the rule earlier this month.

An incident involving a parent who suffered a concussion earlier in the month after being struck in the head by a soccer ball triggered the ban.

Um ya, I still think that whole “concussion” thing is B.S.,  but whatever!

Under the revised rules, softer balls will be permitted on school grounds during school hours.

Toronto District School Board trustee Sheila Cary-Meagher was astounded by the level of fuss the ban had caused, saying it seemed to make the "the earth tremble" and even made international news.

Wait wait wait!  Sheila!  Sweetie!  Ever heard of something called the internet?   I mean, it’s a mixed bag,  there’s some a lot of junk out there intermixed with a some pretty neat stuff,  but the main thing is,  IF YOU DO SOMETHING REALLY STUPID,  there’s a chance it’s going to end up on the internet.   Welcome to “modern times”.  Oy.   (And hope that nobody has a cell phone with a built in camera,  and you don’t end up on Youtube!)

Oh,  and by the way folks,  to be a “trustee”,  you just need to get elected.  That’s your only skill requirement.


Safety a 'double-edged word'

"This is one of the biggest tempest in the teapot I've ever had the pleasure of working with," she said.

*sigh*  This is when you need to stop talking?

Among those who disputed the Code of Conduct that restricted sports balls was Chris Stateski, a parent of a student at the school.

"Safety is a double-edged word here, because safety to what extreme?" Stateski said.

Parents and teachers spoke on Monday about solutions for schoolyard safety, including staggering recess and lunch breaks.

Hold on!  You mean they’re not staggered now??

Maureen Hall, a mother of a student at Earl Beatty, attended Monday's talks and said there were wide-ranging opinions on the topic.

"Listening to these conversations, there are some very extreme responses to this, so this is a first step," she said.

The challenge, according to school officials, was to create a playground that would be safe for all age groups, as some 350 children ranging from junior kindergarten to Grade 8 currently share the space.” 

Didn’t we talk about this?   I can’t really determine from the way this is worded whether or not all of the 350 kids are on the playground at once,  but surely to goodness that CAN’T be the case.   350 in that space?    Please let it not be so.




I realise that it’s almost a national pastime for many,  many Canadians to make fun of Toronto.   Even Torontonians make fun of Toronto,  and the problem is,  their politicians and other decision makers keep doing stuff to make so easy. 

Do we need to talk about their mayors that they keep electing,  or the way they handle snow removal?   Just a couple examples folks.  I’m not making anything up.

I’ve said my piece about this and it’s been fun. Thanks. I’m done.




Do you know what this made me think of?   One of my sisters-in-law decided to rejoin the workforce after being a stay at home Mom for a few years,  and her attitude was this:  “There are a lot of really stupid people out there with really good jobs making decent money,  and all I have to do,  is be slightly less stupid than them,  and I’ll get a job!”

And you know what?  She did!   She had to take a few courses on “cost estimating”  or something like that,  and now works for a huge construction company in some sort of related capacity.  Has to wear a hard hat once in a while,  but it seems like it’s a pretty decent gig.    And…she makes a pretty decent buck too!   Good for her!

Apparently it’s all a matter of being “slightly less stupid”.


Once again,  feel free to talk amongst yourselves,  and thanks for stopping by.




  1. nice 'gig' if you can get it and she did!!..whoo hooo!!..have a great day..talking amongst myself now!

  2. I heard about the ball ban on the news and was shocked. How can you ban balls from a playground? That's one of the most important pieces of equipment out there. And they had better be staggering those playground times. I don't want 8th graders out there with my first or second grader. People continue to astound with stupidity.

  3. People have waaaaay too much time on their hands to worry about balls on the playground! Our elementary was banning dodge ball due to the movie that came out. They thought the kids would get too many bad ideas from the movie....I told them they were nuts! Let the kids be kids!!!!

  4. The list of banned "activities" at schools must be so long now that all the kids can do a recess is walk outside. Oh no sorry, they couldn't do that, they might trip over a shoelace. No, they couldn't, they have to have velcro, shoelaces might be too dangerous and it just keeps going from there.

    Kevin and Ruth


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