Monday, May 5, 2014

We’re out of toilet paper!

OK wait.  Not really.  These are however,  words that I never want to hear.



And let me just interject here to say I was going to hit “Publish” later on last night,  and I failed miserably.  Started watching season four of “Game of Thrones” and that was it for the evening.

Now on with the show…..


I’ve been mocked for having an abundant supply,  shall we say?   “You should see how much toilet paper we have stored downstairs!”    Like it’s some kind of prized possession.  Like a comic book collection or such.  And by the way,  May the fourth be with you.  (Too late with that now of course).

I’m sure any house guests we have couldn't’ care less.


But where was I?

Right.  Shit tickets.  You never want to run out.  Which is precisely why I went for a walk this morning yesterday morning down to the local grocery store with my twenty something gallon big plastic bag that I have saved for just the purpose from “Toys Be Us”  or some such place.  

Naturally the young cashier asks,  “Do you need a bag?”,  at which point I haul this honkin’ big bag out of my pocket and unfurl it like the main sail on a cat boat.  “I think I’m OK”,  was my reply.  

She said not a word.


Oh,  for the unknowing,  this is a “cat boat”.



See?  It’s got a pretty big sail.  There’s only one, and it’s the mainsail.

Now I’ll throw you some sailboat trivia.  This example happens to be a Nonsuch,  which was a design by George Hinterhoeller.   It’s a very short article,  worth the read.

I guess more precisely it’s “Canadian Sailing Trivia”,  but whatever. 


One of the other “rules to live by”,  is the notion that I choose not to ever pay full price for toilet paper.   That and paper towels.  I have an abundant supply of those too.  They go on sale.  I empty the shelves.  OK no,  I don’t really “empty the shelves”,  that would something akin to getting carried away.  I just take along a huge bag.    See above.


Today (it’s Monday now)  we’re doing some more sorting.   This time with the bed sheets.  Oh my goodness do we have an abundance.

AND,  since one of my sisters-in-law bought a cottage last year,  I have an idea where some of them might be going.  Eventually.

I also took a few minutes to add some time to my cell phone.  It’s a pay as you go.

I lent it to T.C. last Thursday since she had to take a trip up to Guelph to visit a sister.  


Look closely at the balance.   See a slight problem?

Even when I try and mind my Ps and Qs I still manage to get into trouble.   In my defence,  the last few several minutes were depleted when there was an accidental “pocket dial” to Daughter Number Two.  

And it wasn’t me!

Just sayin’.


Looks like we’ll finally have a nice day around here.


Keep it between the ditches.


Thanks for stopping in.


  1. You think you don't want to hear those word - try being female and hear those words. Somehow corn cobs and Sears catalogs just don't do it.

  2. The only thing worse than running out is having enough, but it is just out of reach after you find only one square left on the roll.

    1. nothing like doing the "Squat Walk" down the hallway.

  3. Hey thanks for reminding me to top up my Speakout phone.
    I have mine set to lock the keys in 10 seconds ro prevent that pocket dialling stuff

  4. Channeling my mother, who always bought "by the case" on sale. She had to leave some behind when she downsized.

  5. Thanks for the reminder to top up my SpeakOut phone as well. I love the thing as I only make maybe two calls a month on it and the price is right for this limited use.

    I always buy TP when I find it on sale and the smallest size I buy is 12 double size rolls. Usually more.

  6. Comic books work just as well if you run out of TP. Just don't use Super Man issue # 1.

  7. A catboat was on my short list twice during several of my boat selections in days gone by. Still wonder if I should have picked one:)

  8. I going to stock up. Hey, if I ever get married again it'll make a cheap wedding dress. ;-)

  9. I wish had had room in our RV for more that a couple of rolls of TP. For some reason, it permanently resides on the top of our shopping lists. ;c)

  10. Costco's a great place to buy TP - comes in a big humongous bag.


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