Wednesday, May 7, 2014

When an apple fritter calls your name.

An no,  I have no pictures of apple fritters.   And it wasn’t my idea.  Honestly.

There was a casual mention of some *thing* called an apple fritter by Travelling Companion earlier today,  and being the weaker member of the team,  I couldn’t put it out of my head.  To make matters worse,  there was no line-up at the Tim Hortons drive thru. 

I mean,  that’s not even fair.

By the way,  that’s not the way I would spell “Drive Through”,  but I guess all those extra letters would be too expensive.

Anyway,  I guess I forgot just how sweet those things are?  Holy Moly!   I used to eat those things??

I realise a person’s taste (taste buds?)  does tend to change over the years,  but I sure couldn’t have eaten more than one.  I mean,  many (many!) years ago I could knock back Cinzano Vermouth without batting an eye,  but not anymore.  Ever had that sh*t? 

Oh it’s sweet, now let me tell ya.

It’s curious what you get used to.  Or unused to.   Whatever you do,  don’t put any sugar in my coffee.  My head will explode.


I was on my way to Home Despot,  and those sneaky buggers put a Tim Hortons right in the way.  The noive.


But this isn’t about the apple fritters.  It was just something that got stuck in my head.  

As soon as I got home,  I realised that there was some gardening type of sillyness to do,  so I dutifully left the small bag of fritters on the kitchen counter to joint the ranks.   And that’s when they were really calling me.

I mean,  I was digging in the garden yesterday as well,  but it didn’t involved getting down on bended knee,  so to speak.


We’re once again battling the dreaded garlic chives that are destined to take over every patch of dirt.  The only thing we’re really interesting in saving are the roses,  but I’d just as soon not dig up any daffodils,  even though there were a few chives that had mingled in with them.  The bastards. 

Once or twice there’s bound to be a few casualties.



It’s that green shit down at the end.  Even Round Up is reportedly ineffective on this stuff.  You just have to dig it up,  separate the dirt from the roots and toss ‘em in the bins to be picked up by the municipality.   It’s not even a good idea to put them in the compost here on the property,  since they’ll just keep growing.  

Too bad they have no four legged enemies.



Like this little guy, who thinks that by sitting really,  really still,  I can’t see him?   And that’s not taken with a telephoto either.


I happened to mention to T.C. over dinner that I had a slight headache,  and lo and behold,  T.C. said she had a similar headache yesterday after inhaling the fumes from these stupid garlic chives. 

Not sure what’s going on there, but I’d really rather not break out the respirator to dig around in the garden.  Seriously?

We’ll get them all though. Not the bunnies.  The chives.  It’ll just take a few days. 

Forget the bunnies,  I’d never win that battle.


Speaking of dinner,  we hauled some of those frozen pirogues out of the freezer,  along with some “chicken patties”. 


Pirogues in fried onions.  Oh ya baby!



I’m not sure if I mentioned the Chicken Patties. Making these things is rather involved and requires a good half a day.  That’s a rough guess on my part,  since I managed to be elsewhere during that little adventure.  I’d share the recipe,  but I think it died on the old laptop.  T.C. has a hard copy somewhere. 

Meh,  it’s complicated.  You don’t want to know.


OK,  if I remember,  I’ll try and dig it up and post it somehow.

This whole website/blogging thing still leaves me staring at the screen like a deer in the headlights most of the time,  but that’s just the way she goes.   I’m not worried about it.  Really.

I suppose I could have a “recipe widget”.   It is possible.  I’ll need to form a committee.  And maybe take some yoga.


That’s about all I have in my pea brain at the moment.  We keep hoping it’ll warm up a bit,  but I suspect it’ll be hot and humid before we can turn around twice. 

Best to be careful what we wish for.


Thanks for stopping in.


  1. Are you certain you couldn't convince Mr. Bunny to eat the garlic chives. He could bring all his friends and really work on it for you. I've read that garlic discourages fleas so the rabbits should be glad to help you out. Personally, I'd rather eat the apple fritter.

  2. Should at least keep Vampires away.

  3. Oh fun, more reasons to laugh. rabbits, garlic chives, apple fritters, and recipe widgets, and deer in the headlights...of course...wondering if your children think you are funny or if they are just used to you. I still roll on the floor at my youngest daughter's one liners. she has been able to bust me up since she was two. and now she is...lemme see.....45???ACK!!!!

  4. The great life of wandering about southern Ontario, the recipe would be nice if you can figure it out.

  5. We dug up about 400 colchium bulbs last year, gifted or replanted them. This spring a dozen came up in the original bed. The spade would not get under the bulbs, they are that deep.

  6. I still can't pass up a good Apple Fritter. Those pirogues and onions looked darned good too.

  7. The older I am the more I prefer spicy or even sour - never did like sweet stuff but even less now. Probably indicative of my personality ;-) Those chicken patties look pretty good... I hope you share the recipe.

  8. Wow, it sems that Canadians are great lovers of Tim Horton's. I wonder if it's like Dunkin' Donuts here in the US? I'd pass on the apple fritter but give me an "ooey gooey" cinnamon roll any day.

    I've never had a pierogue - should I put it on my list of things to try?

  9. Thanks for dinner idea, I have some frozen ones in the freezer but I bake them topped with tomato sauce, veggies and cheese. Yum! Good rabbit shot, surprised he didn't move when you picked up the camera.


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