Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Is that short for “famished”?

I had Dr. Pham,  and that’s was my only question.  He did this 500 word verbal essay explaining all the odds,  the possible findings,  and just how many polyps a fifty year old has in relation to a 70 year old.  Seems one in 17 Fifty Year Olds have polyps,  whereas one in three at the age of seventy have polyps.  

so how old are you,  and how many to you think you have?  Hm?

Anyway,  about half way through his dissertation, I was starting to glaze over,  and I hadn’t by that point been given the sedation,  so I asked him if he had practised that in front of the mirror?  

I think I managed to break his train of thought,  and he did admit that he could recite that set of warnings/statistics frontwards and backwards. 
I just said,  “OK,  let’s just do this,  shall we?”





I wrote a bunch more nonsense yesterday afternoon and decided just now to punt it out.  Turns out the sedation did have me “legally drunk” for a number of hours.   So the nurse wasn’t lying.  And yes,  Travelling Companion was there to drive me home.  No worries.


Anyhoodle,  life is pretty much back to normal now,  at least in the eating department.  I must say though,  I did lose four pounds through the whole ordeal.  So that was a kind of bonus.

And you know,  it wasn’t so much the procedure itself,  as much as all the pooping* and waiting.


We get there in good time,  I fill out about four pages of forms.  Sign here.  Sign there.   Go in,  put on the “johnny shirt”  (you know, the one that’s really drafty in the back?)  and then I’m still waiting.   And hungry.

The whole damn thing took maybe fifteen minutes,  and I must have blanked out at some point,  since there were a couple “items” that they snipped out,  but I don’t remember that part at all.   Which was exactly the way I wanted it.

Maybe it was the idea of seeing the whole thing in “High Def” that I found to be a little too much information?

You may already know this,  but there’s a camera in the “scope” and you can watch the whole nasty business on a big screen.  Unless of course, as in my case I stipulated that,  “I want to be OUT”.   Apparently that’s an option.  I was quite happy to have made that choice.   I did see the “grand entrance”,  so to speak,  but I don’t recall much else after that.  


I did make sure to apologize in advance if I said anything “untoward” while under sedation.  Hopefully I didn’t.  They didn’t say.



I think that’s all I got for today.   Had breakfast with the “Breakfast Babes”,  and with the exception of some of these retired folks having difficulty juggling their busy schedules,  all is right in that part of the world.  


Keep those sticks on the ice,  and thanks for stopping by.




*not in the “normal” sense,  but if you’ve done this “thing”,  then you know what I mean.

Think “Niagara Falls”,  but coming your… know.


  1. Glad everything came out all right...

  2. Oh yeah, been there, done that. I too declined the invitation to watch - uh, no thank you!

  3. Hmm don't think I would want to watch either.
    Nice that you had a good time though.

  4. You definitely want to be out, yuck! Love your referral to Niagara Falls!!

  5. My brother-in-law was so enthralled with the big screen picture he asked for a video to bring home.

  6. Pooping! Yay! I'm in the club - I know what you're saying.

    Being awake wasn't mentioned as an option, thank you.


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