Wednesday, May 14, 2014

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is what a real idiot looks like.


And no,  I’m not rehearsing for my ultimate demise and a quick trip out to the Nevada desert.

I’m up to something.

There were a couple things I wanted to sort out today, one of which was changing out the winter tires on Daughter Number Two’s car.  Didn’t take any pictures.  Never occurred to me. 

Hey, it happens.

Then,  since Daughter Number One had left us a spare car,  I thought I’d investigate as to just why the trunk would no longer open.

Turns out this is a common problem with this particular model of Jetta,  and is the result of a “cheap plastic part”,  according to a couple different websites.

“Hecho in Mexico” would be the other catch phrase.

I just have to stop right here and say,  Youtube can be awesome.  It’s where I got the notion as to how exactly I was going to get into the trunk in the first place.  You can search it out if you care to.  Just go to Youtube and put in something like,  “Jetta trunk won’t open”,  or some such thing.

Anyhoodle,  I only got onto this because the car was showing a “check engine” light,  but then realised that I needed some sort of adapter.  Fark!  My code reader worked fine in Daughter Number Two’s car,  but she wasn’t showing any codes.  But at least I know the reader does work,  as long as the receptacle will cooperate.


Oh well.




Don’t slip there Old Man.





There’s an “actuator” that pushes a little lever that opens the trunk. 

She’s busted. 

I’m just now waiting for some “Gorilla Glue”  to cure to see if maybe that will be enough.  Other than that,  there’s a website where a feller can order the part.   Of course,  the dealer will want to sell the whole contraption.  

That ain’t gonna happen.

Considering T.C. and I bought this car in November in ‘99,   and subsequently gave it to Daughter Number One in 2004,  and it has just north of 350,000 kilometers on the dial,  I’m not interested in spending any dough on it.  If Daughter Number Two feels the need to get it fixed,  we’ll talk.


In looking at some of the repairs,  I may reinforce the unit with some twine and then soak that in Gorilla Glue as well.  Can’t hurt.


Meanwhile,  it looks like I have some grass to cut.  Oy.


On a more positive note, I’ll leave you with a picture of the breaded chicken I made for dinner last night.

Twas yummy.


Keep those sticks on the ice,  and thanks for stopping by.




  1. The only thing that would top the twine and glue would be duct tape.

  2. Maybe it will work.
    But I think the breaded chicken looks much better.

  3. Damn! I read too many murder mysteries... that shot of you in the trunk just conjured up too many scenarios... none of which had to do with a faulty switch.

  4. You really truly are an amazing individual :)

  5. You must have a mighty long timer on your camera!

  6. How'd we ever fix anything before Gorilla Glue (and duct tape)?

    Good thing you climbed out of that trunk before you accidently glued yourself in. That would have been a picture of a real stuck up idiot... :cD

  7. You would find out quick who your friends were if you got stuck in the trunk:)

  8. Actually, Bob, you didn't really look like too much of an idiot laying in the trunk.

    1. Well I suppose not, but I've been dying to use that title for about four years now. Had to do it.

  9. And I thought you couldn't top it! You are such a funny guy! I had a good laugh when I saw you in the trunk photo. What don't you not do?


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