Monday, May 12, 2014

Just briefly coming up to surface.


And then I’ll submerge.

It’s been a tad busy I suppose.  And ironically, the busier I get,  the less “bloggier” I get.  Just one of my little quirks. 

Picked up my sister and her friend from the airport Friday night,  and so we’ve basically been hanging out with them for the last few days.

Previous to that,  I got it in my head to add another plug to Travelling Companion’s sewing room,  even though there were plenty of places to plug in machines or lamps and such,  I wanted one more ‘just there’.   I think that was Thursday,  which meant I actually did plumbing and electrical BOTH ON THE SAME DAY.   What a fool.

No really,  both little jobs went well. 

You may recall that we have this rather unique veranda on the upper part of the house,  and it so happens that there’s a plug on the outside wall,  so I figured I’d tap into that circuit.


I *think* the original intention with this outside wall was to put plaster over top of sheets of metal lathe.  There is still some lathe left over,  but I’ve taken away most of it.  I’ll be hanging drywall instead.  Long story,  but there were certain aspects of this house that never got quite finished?  Shall we say?

Anyhoodle,  when I took away the covering that was a sort of pressed board,  I discovered that the installers hadn’t put any insulation in the bottom part of the wall!  No wonder it’s so friggin’ tricky trying to keep the place warm in the winter. 

Anyway,  I’ll sort that out.



The objective was to put in a new plug on the inside,  which was easy peasy once I had my hole cut out and such. 

This whole operation was only because I got tired of crawling around on the floor in order to unplug the sewing machine whenever T.C. would take it away for a lesson. 


My next “little job” will be to install our new dishwasher that I picked up on Friday.  It’s sitting out in the garage,  and like a fool I didn’t get the boys to bring it in when we were all gathered here last night for Mother’s Day.  Idiot.

I’ll figure it out.

Gotta get the old one out first of course.  I’m kind of procrastinating on the whole thing,  but I have to get my sh*t together.

Now I’ll just mention briefly what I did on Mother’s Day.



Um,  ya.

Got asked last week if I wanted to go to a game,  and didn’t quite realise that it was first of all,  on Mother’s Day,  and that my sister would be here.  BUT,  it’s hard to say no to such great seats.  Everyone was very understanding.  Not only that,  but my sister has become a bit of a Jay’s fan,  so she was totally onboard with me going to a game.

These were tickets that were given to one of my brothers-in-law who,  due to the nature of his profession,  gets a little perk thrown his way from time to time. 

Unfortunately the Jays lost big time,  but a feller can’t have everything.  It was an enjoyable experience.


I just made sure that I had my culinary sh*t together first thing in the morning,  so that I could hit the ground running when I got home,  so to speak.



I was almost to the point of thinking I’d need a bigger BBQ,  but I managed to squeeze everything in.  I make my own burgers,  but the sausages are veal and spinach and garlic sausages from Denningers.   I mean, where else?

When I started writing this,  I was the only one up at this point,  but I’m starting to hear some activity,  so I’d best put on some more coffee.


Sure hope everyone enjoyed their Mother’s Day.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Great seats! But $210...? Yikes!

    1. Ah. Eagle eye. I see you caught that. They were thankfully freebies, including our food and soft drinks or water. Had no desire for beer, so all I had to do was tip our server. Gave her twenty bucks.

  2. I'm impressed as all get out. You actually mixed water and electricity and survived!

    Now don't bother with any more lottery tickets, you used up all your luck! :cD

  3. All I can think about is thread envy. Game? Sewing room envy too. I sew on the dining table.

  4. Now how can you not turn down good seats to a Blue Jays Game?
    It is amazing how much you can actually cook on a Weber Q, as is cooks so evenly.

  5. Nice seats! On the insulation, it makes one wonder is more outside walls might be a little short on insulation. Not a good thing for Ontario winters!


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