Tuesday, May 13, 2014

You can’t just wing it, it seems.

Not that I thought that I’d be ‘winging it’ in any way shape or form,  but I’ll mention that later.

We now have a functioning dishwasher. 

And I don’t mean me.

There was an offer earlier this morning to take a ride off to London to pay a visit to my nephew,  but I wanted to get the machine out of the living room and into the kitchen,  to take my place.

Of course,  and as these things usually go, the previous machine had a different method of being hooked up,  so I had to make a couple changes.

First was the method of getting juice to the thing.


The Miele actually came with a plug,  so I had to wire in a receptacle.  This machine (a Bosch) came with a box.  But I decided I wanted to plug it in anyway.  Took me a bit of wandering around to find a cast off three prong plug to wire in,  but I found one.  Pays to have a few little goodies hanging around.

Then there was the issue of the water.  Different deal.

The previous machine hooked up to a hose bib.   Not this one.  Three eights compression fitting.


So I had to cough up an extra six bucks for a compression tee,  and put in that short little piece of three eights copper tubing.  Had it left over from something or other.  Maybe the fridge water supply?  Doesn’t matter.  Again,   just happened to have it in with the other plumbing “stuff”.

Turned the water back on.  It didn’t leak.  Always a good thing.


The rest was a matter of a bit of grunt work.




Daughter Number Two took a couple pics for me. 

Note the big blanket thingy that I’m lying on.  This is also something that’s handy to have hanging around.  Otherwise the hips and knees complain too much.



Then there’s the part where you can no longer just go with what you know.

There’s no point in ponying up the extra few shekels for a decent machine,  if you’re trying to wash dishes with hard water.  Just doesn’t work.  So you have to add salt and set the thing to dispense the proper amount.

The previous incarnation had a dial that was set.  (Installed it in September 1999,  so I guess it was “pre-digital”) This one has a bunch of digital controls that have to be keyed in. 

Again,  naturally I had to trim the kick board to get the door to open.  Meh,  I half ways expected that.

While I was waiting for the machine to arrive,  I took the opportunity to put some fresh finish on the kick board,  since it was started to get a little ratty. 




Of course,  that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to sprucing up the kitchen cupboards with some fresh finish,  but that’s for another decade day.


Anyway,  managed to dig up a few dishes to try it out.  Works like a charm.  It’s so quiet that the only real sign that it’s on is the time remaining on the read out on the front.

And then I needed a little rest. And a couple Advil.


Now back to our regularly scheduled drudgery.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. You and Bill would make a fine pair! Why is it I love hearing about your trials and tribulations with that dishwasher... but.... kind of space out when Bill tells me how he's going to replace that ceiling fan at the rental while we're here? Bill should do a blog... then folks like you and him could compare notes on tools, measuring tapes (his old trusty one fell apart today) and the such. And folks like me, who don't understand a thing about it all could read it all for our entertainment. I hope I don't miss a one of yours... way more interesting than "why I blog" kind of thing ;-)

  2. Cool! We got a Bosch last year and I love it! Whisper quiet. Of course it doesn't quite fit in the hole but I don't care. Not going to tear out the cabinets to make it right. It works and doesn't leak and only looks a *little* funky!! Yours looks real good.

  3. I love being a Mr. Fixit. There are just a few jobs I will not do. Anything that involves plumbing I stay away from...and electrical...and carpentry. Otherwise I am a regular Mr. Fixit.

  4. Job well done. Has the plane for London gone?

  5. Your daughter is a good photographer. She managed to get your best side in two out of the three pictures.... :cD

  6. Oh lord. I don't even have a dishwasher in my partially functional kitchen. I do have a gas stove (hooray), a decent fridge and one working ceiling light. Ha! The remodel is coming soon and I may have a dishwasher in my future.

  7. Hmm, not much in the ways of renovating and repairs anymore. Eleven houses over the years, time to retire from that.
    Nice to get those jobs done.

  8. Quite the handyman I'd say! Love my quiet Blomberg dishwasher--have you ever tried Lemi-Shine for hard water? The appliance dealer recommended it--works like a charm.

  9. My wife still loves her dishwasher, and I appreciate it.


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