Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nice to sleep with the windows open.

Until of course,  there’s some noise right below our bedroom window at six in the morning.


Oh but wait, it wasn’t just one racoon.   No no,   this was a Momma and FIVE kits.


I guess times aren’t that tough if you’re a racoon and can manage five little ones.  Somebody’s finding enough food to support a family of six.  Somewhere.

Travelling Companion was wondering where they were headed off to.  It wasn’t up the tree there,  which was what I first thought was going on,  since everyone was on the fence except for the one little straggler dude on the pile of lumber there.  I think once I came around and uncovered their cunning plan,  they decided to book it off the property.

Fine by me.

Other than that “big excitement”,  there hasn’t been too darned much else going on around here.  

We spent a little time in the garden this morning.  You know,  digging.  That kind of thing.   That’s all I ever find myself doing in the garden.  Digging.  It never seems to end.  Why do people like to garden?

It’s been a tad warm over the last couple days but then cooled off abruptly overnight.  

We were trying to hold out against putting on the air conditioning,  but we eventually gave in yesterday afternoon.  When the thermostat starts to climb up around 80°F,  with it being even hotter up in the sewing room?  It’s time.

It’s either that or go and hide in the basement. 

Not much going on down there.  Well,  there is that guitar that I could be practising.  We won’t talk about it.


I think that’s all there is in my pea brain.


And now,  I’m off to (once again) cut that lawn.  Oh joy!


Keep it between the ditches,  and thanks for stopping by.




  1. Have not slept with the windows open since we moved to FL.

  2. Night air is the best. I recently pulled out my guitar...I am up to three chords but the sheet music for every song I try and work on requires at least four chords.

  3. Looking one more week here in the TX oil patch. Some days great weather and would love to open RV windows. Can't do - too much dust as the traffic moves in front of us. Cute little friends you have there to visit.

  4. We actually opened our windows last night also. But we had to have the fan going as well. I love your picture of the family. I know they are pests but they are so cute.

  5. Just love sleeping with the windows open and usually do year round. Don't much like air conditioning. Have fun in the garden.

  6. We leave our bedroom windows open year round at night even when it gets cooler.

    I'm with you on the gardening and digging - hate it.

    Rick’s Bits ‘n Bytes, Pics and News

  7. Gardening is a form of punishment us older folks suffer because of our wild and misspent youth... ;c)

  8. I know they are a pain in the butt but they are so cute. Better watch out with the open window. I had a friend in Vancouver who slept with her window open, no screen and she had a raccoon come visit. When we lived there, they used to come up on our deck and try and come thru the screen door.


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