Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The search continues.

With the only briefest of panic.  

See,  once upon a time,  when I designed and built all the kitchen cabinets and such, the timing was such that,  I had a few appliances sitting patiently in the living room,  waiting to be installed. 

So the process was simple.   Dig out the instructions,  see how big the opening had to be,  built it to that size, and shove the thing in the hole.

Fast forward roughly fourteen years, we start shopping for a new dishwasher,  and suddenly it looks like my hole ain’t big enough. 

Sorry,  that didn’t come out right,  but you know what I mean.

For the Miele that’s still sitting in there (and I tried it again, it doesn’t want to take in any water,  and whatever is in there immediately gets pumped out)  installation instructions called for an opening of 600mm.  Or 60 centimeters.  That’s roughly 23 and five eights.   I think.  Don’t care.  Metric is considerably less confusing in these cases,  trust me.

Nowadays of course,  there’s a plethora of information on the net,  so when we started to see that the machine that we were kind of liking wasn’t going to fit,  there were a few moments of,  shall we say?  consternation??

But then today,  I thought I would do a little more recon work,  and stopped by a couple places where I would never buy an appliance (or a lawn mower for that matter).



And lo and behold,  it turns out that indeed, the engineers (or whatever they call themselves)  were leaving lots of leeway.  I even found and printed out a section of the specs to show Travelling Companion,  just so we’d both be on the same page.  



bosch dimensions.

Same page,  get it? 

OK,  I won’t do that again.  I promise.


I couldn’t manage to direct her to this type of information when she was on the computer last night,  because for some reason that is beyond me,  her internet surfing abilities are mysteriously lacking.  And this is a woman who spent that last several decades at a computer.  But, I suppose when you’re the Director Of Finance,  the only kind of information you’re trying to sniff out,  is whether your Comptrollers are trying to pull a fast one.  

I guess.  

Internet?  Forget it.  I try to just “let it go”,  and not get to the point where my head is about to explode,  (or grab the mouse away from her) so most of the time I’ll just try and sort it out later.  By myself.



If you chose not to click on that rather sad link above,  I’ll save you the trouble.  The minimum opening is 600 mm.   I have that.  We’re good.

Now I just have to order the thing and pay for it which, at this stage of the game, will start to feel like the easiest part. 


Stay tuned.




Oh,  almost forgot.  We’re also in the throws of trying to figure out what to put in the bathroom when I do a remodel.

One thing at a time,  so first it’ll be what will go on the floor.


We brought home a couple slabs of whatever that is.  Some sort of “porcelain stoneware”.  Your guess is as good as mine. 

I hate these decisions.  I like both of those examples,  so I tend to just “go with the flow”. 

“Oh,  I like that one too.”  is one of my little catch phrases.  It’s safer that way.  I try not to overdo it,  so as not to give away my position,  which is mostly that of complete indifference.

And really?  Just order the sh*t and I’ll install it!   As long as it’s not some Gawd awful stuff,  I really couldn’t care less.


Again,  stay tuned.


Keep your powder dry.


Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Ah, yes. We have the microwave dilemma. On the third one since the last kitchen remodel, and the cut to fit slot over the oven looms larger and larger as a cavern every time the damn thing blows up and is replace.

  2. The nice thing about those big box stores is you can borrow a tape measure from the tool dept. to check the size of your intended purchase before you buy it.

    Or I could just remember to bring my own tape measure (Duoh!).

  3. Bill looks like he's wearing a utility belt when he goes to those kinds of stores... tape measure, leatherman, heck, I don't know what all he needs to pick up a couple of bolts or plumbing fitting. He'd love your projects... but... alas... we have the same problems in our motorhome... the microwave "hole" isn't compatible with the latest microwave. Oh well... who cares?

  4. Hmm they do it right, need new dishwasher? Buy a new kitchen first, almost like computers. New computer, new operating system buy new programs and new printers. Good for the economy, hard on the pocketbook.

    1. That's right up my alley. Exactly. It's done on purpose.

  5. Dishwashers are lots of fun to install - not!! I hate them.

  6. Lucky you don't have to take the kitchen apart, well at least this time.


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