Sunday, May 25, 2014

Only left with the wet spot.

Sometimes I have trouble simply “letting it go”.  

Lemme ‘splain.


I had to hook it up one last time to see just what the cr*p was up with this stupid thing.  If it were a sentient being,  I’d say “serious mental illness”,  since that would more or less sum it up.

It’ll take on water,  but then continue to do so until the water comes out the bottom,   then will go through the timer and pump it out,  all the while not pumping the water throughout the machine.  So basically,  and let me use a technical term here, screwed.

I’m sure you care.

So fine,  the next time they have one of those metal recycling/furniture/put out yer crap days,  I’ll trundle it out to the curb.  I mean,  I could borrow my nephew’s truck and take it up to the metal recycling place,  but that sounds like *work*.  

I’ll wait. 

Someone always drives by with a pick-up truck the night before the day of the pick up to, you know…pick it up.



Meanwhile,  I made some money today!  Yay.

That thing above there is a “field box”  that I made a number of years ago that has sat around for I don’t know how long.  It’s gone.  Put it on Kijiji for fifty bucks,  and it’s outta here.  And really,  I need to keep going with that “getting rid of stuff” program.   There’s boatloads more.  I may have to go up into the attic.

Oh,  and the “field box”,  in case you didn’t realise what it is,  is for tending to a remote controlled model airplane.  Something else that had to go.

I think that was the extent of the excitement.   The Dude who came to peruse the item and then ultimately buy it was a bit of a talker,  so it took a while to ease him on his way.  Didn’t want to be completely rude,  but we weren’t going to be buddies anytime soon.  But,  some folks like to tell you their life stories.

Earlier on I was feeling a little bit like “Tiger” from the Winnie the Pooh stories,  since I tend to be “the only one” when it comes to doing certain things.

Now,  this is something that I don’t quite understand.  We had this table for the three and a half years that we were in Austria,  and it stayed outdoors year round.  Then we moved home, and suddenly it had to be stored away for the winter.


Well that’s all fine and dandy,  but there’s no place to store it,  unless I take it apart.


So back out it goes.  We’ll see what the verdict is in the fall.  I may be taking it apart again.


The timing of the table assembly was fortuitous,  as a family friend came over with her little guy.

That’s Daughter Number Two making faces at little Logan.


And here he is trying on his new shades with his “Uncle” Rob.  He could tolerate them for a little while,  but only a little while.

Mom is trying to get him used to the shades.

Did you know kids can get sun damage to their eyes at that age?   Yup.


Anyhoodle,   we had a nice little visit.  He’s a pretty good little guy. Only got a little worked up when he got hungry. 


Oh,  the other day Contessa,  out there near the Left Coast mentioned how she didn’t realise we had a boat.  Well,  that’s because there never was a boat.   I only *crew* on a sailboat. 

Owning a boat is kind of like putting your kids in hockey.  It’s a real commitment.  Plus,  I’ve heard it said that,  *buying* the boat is just the first of many expenses.

Now,  that’s not to say that I wouldn’t mind say,  a nice 30 foot sloop,  but I’m afraid I’d be out there all by my lonesome, since Travelling Companion isn’t much of a “boat person”.  

I mean,  she’s been on a HouseBoat,  but somehow those two words “House” and “Boat”?  When you put them together like that?  Not really a boat,  and not really a house.  Some kind of oxymoron.  I was going to mention “naval intelligence”,  but maybe that only counts in my mind.

Oh,  and once upon a time we went out of Fajardo,  Puerto Rico on a fifty foot yawl,  and she didn’t mind that,  since the boat didn’t move when you went aboard.  Of course,  I think it probably displaced about 8 tonnes.  I wouldn’t even want to entertain the slip fees for a 50 foot boat.


I think that’s it for the all the excitement that comes to mind.

Had us some beautiful weather today,  which was a welcome change.


I’d say, “Hope you had a good Memorial Day” or something to that effect,  but somehow that just doesn’t feel right.

We were in Washington D.C. for Memorial day back in 2003,  and I found it to be a rather sobering occasion. 

But that’s a whole other story.


Keep those sticks on the ice,  and thanks for stopping by.


  1. I was expecting a more racy post from the title! OK, I was still amused:)

  2. Definition of the word "boat": A hole in the water into which you throw money.

  3. I agree with Kevin's comment with regards to 'boat'!..kind of like RV..
    I have missed reading about your antics! thanks for being so entertaining!!

  4. Memorial Day has become another commercialized holiday much like Christmas - any way retailers can make some money. We get lost in the true meaning. Can you say Memorial Day sale?

  5. BOAT = Bust Out Another Thousand

  6. Boats can be fun , but are expensive and very high maintenance. Like some women I know. Nice just to borrow one occasionally (boat thats is)

  7. Thanks for the explanation. Love Kevin's definition.

  8. You better make sure it's okay to put that table outside or you might find yourself listed on Kijiji. :c)

  9. When I used to have a boat, I called it a money pit, but I like Kevin's definition better.

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