Friday, May 30, 2014

And….we’re ready.

Well,  I am anyway.   Travelling Companion will be staying home.

A while back there was a plan afoot to have a cottage weekend,  or “Testo Festo”  as its been referred to by one of my Pub Buddies.  So that’s where I’m headed.  A bunch of guys.  A cottage.  Chairs.  Beer.  Food.  That kind of thing.

Did up the meal that I’ll be slapping on our plates come Sunday night. 


Bob’s Burgers.

That reminds me, we need more Worcestershire Sauce.

D’oh!  I just gave away one of the “secret” ingredients!  Forget I said that.


I swear we’ll have more damned food than we can possibly consume.

The burgers are presently in the freezer.  I’ll buy buns at the one of the grocery stores in Grand Bend.  

The weather prognostication looks pretty good.   Maybe we’ve had our share or rain up to this point?  Hopefully.

I took myself out to a driving range yesterday and did some ball swackin’.   Not sure if it helped.  I managed to get about 30 of the 50 in the bucket to go where I wanted them to.   My arm was hurting a wee bit afterwards,  but seems fine this morning.  Didn’t take any “selfies”  Never occurred to me.

There’s the possibility of golfing on Sunday.   We’ll see.

I’m sure the fellow I’m riding with has done all the necessary research in terms of a local course.  It wouldn’t surprise me.


So there’s this,


and a set of clubs,  and I’m good to go.

Yes I know,  it’s my sail bag,  but it works.  I just now remembered to take out the Mustang PFD.

Well,  there’s beer.  I mean, c’mon.   And yes,  I suppose there’s a beer store in Grand Bend,  but there’s some sort of tick I have about getting some things out of the way. 

So I’ll try and take a photo or six.   Maybe I’ll share.

See you all on the flip side.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sounds like you're in store for a good time...even if you ruin it with a game of golf.

    I'm trying a new thing in my golf game. Swing like the old man I am. So far it is working but it is hard accepting that I can no longer hit like a 19 year old.


  2. Good for you, a wild weekend with the guys. Enjoy!

  3. I've been to a few of these "guys weekend away". I have a great time, but they're not very good for my health!

  4. Beer and burgers. You have the essentials.

  5. I hope the room your staying at has plenty of air freshener after all those burgers and beers... ;c)

  6. Yeah! Finally some days off work for you. Have fun, you definitely deserve it!

  7. Now Grand Bend! Yes there is beer store, next to Timmies, Golf course just down the road, race track around the corner, then all them beach bunnies, and beach volley ball to watch, cruising the main drag, heck even go fishing off the pier. Just know you gonna have yourself a great time, can't help it in Grand Bend. Its a hopping place in the summer.


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