Monday, June 2, 2014

Haven’t stepped on the scale just yet.

Didn’t think that would be prudent.

In the grand scheme of things,  I probably shouldn’t have another beer until some time about mid July.  Considering such things as “quotas”, and the concept of “restraint” or some such thing.  But that wouldn’t be all that much fun I figure. 

And you know,  I don’t *feel* too bad,  since there was a certain amount of moderation that was observed.  But only a certain amount.

Of course you have to understand that,  when a “guys weekend” involves each of the participants being either somewhat or well past the half century mark,  there’s not going to be any stories of closing bars in town or some such thing.  Not that I’d break the “Cone of Silence” either.  Also not prudent.

But no,  other than a trip into Grand Bend on Saturday for Brunch,  a round of golf and a trip to Sobey’s,  we were all content to lounge about and sip various libations.  Or eat.  Note previous mention of the weighing device.  Maybe I’ll need to do another “prep”?   

*thinks*.    Um,  no.


So I’ll throw up a couple pics for fun,  and maybe add one or two over the next few days.  I’ll also likely put some on the Book of Face,  so keep an eye out for that.

Not tonight though, I’m starting to fade….



So this was our destination, within view of the lake,  but not right on the lake.  Our host,  Henry is there to greet us.  We were just in time for Happy Hour.


After dinner or course,  there’s always at least one Lake Huron sunset.   Missed the sunset altogether Saturday night.  We must have been eating. 


I’ll not bother to name all the participants.  They know who they are,  and for those of you who don’t, well then what does it matter?


Of course,  this was just about our only evening activity. 


There was no “clubbing” in the evenings. Unless of course, you count giving the fire a whack once in a while.


I’m just rambling here,  so I’ll not drag this out for too much longer.

After breakfast on Saturday morning,  I had this overwhelming urge to have my picture taken in front of some of the local “art work”.  I guess that’s what they call it.


By the way,  the breakfast at the Colonial was OK.  I do recommend it.  Not overly pricey either.


I suppose I’m not really qualified to comment on prices there,  as I didn’t have to pay for my breakfast.  Something to do with a little contest we had the night before.  I’m not at liberty to give too many details due to the “Cone of Silence” restrictions,  but it was along the lines of the “cuss jar” of days of old.  Only it wasn’t just a quarter.  That’s all I can say.  A couple fellers had to pony up for breakfast,  and I wasn’t one of them!  Giddy up!


Oh, and then look what I noticed sitting just off the main drag!


DSC_0440 (2)


Anyone recognise this RV? 

Don’t worry,  I didn’t rub my nose on the glass or anything.  Plus,  I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the inside,  so we didn’t take the time to look.

I had to break down and crop that one,  as my wonderful assistant had just a wee bit too much sky in the photo.


That’s it for tonight.   Tomorrow there’s something to do with a garden,  bunnies and a fence.  Should be just too much fun.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Sounds like a good time was had by one and all.

  2. Having fun in the Bend with some wonderful weather.
    That RV has got to be Al and Kelly's Winnie the Bago.

  3. Poor Traveling

    Poor Traveling Companion.....left behind, just like Cinderella. It is good that you had a good time. Hey, you found Winnie the Bago.

  4. Sounds like you guys had a great time. Clubbing the fire is about what its come down to for us old guys, I guess. Still, that ain't half bad is it?

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