Friday, April 11, 2014

Fabulous Friday.

The days have been slipping by,  and I’ve been somewhat absent.


I keep *meaning* to pipe up and have something to say,  but half the time it’s not anything all that interesting.

I mean,  I defrosted the freezer.  That kind of thing.


And by the way, if you want to get the chunks of ice out in one piece,  as opposed to waiting for the whole thing to melt?   Use a heat gun.  Or, if you don’t have anything quite so drastic,  a hair dryer.  Just speeds up the whole process. 

Glad to help.

It was shirt sleeve weather today.  I even took out the winter floor mats in the car and put in the summer ones.  Cleaned the whole thing first,  of course.

It’s been pretty much a fabulous week I suppose,  and that’s mostly because I’ve been doing just about whatever the heck I’ve wanted.  It’s a rare thing,  I know.

I’ll have to get back to the chores soon enough,  so a couple little diversions can sometimes get past the committee.

A while back,  in a moment of poor equilibrium,  I managed to bust the towel rack I’ve had in the garage for a couple decades,  which made it pretty much useless.  I was sort of hanging my towel on the tap, but then I figured maybe I’d just make something.

I have a whack of “stuff” hanging around,  including all the bits from some sort of gym climbing apparatus that was deemed “unsafe” and had to be tossed.  It was a maple affair,  with these beefy rungs strung between frames.  It all ended up in the loft of the my shed. 

We don’t just throw that kind of stuff away.  *pfft*!


One part is now a towel rack.  Cost = zip.   OK,  those brackets must have cost me something,  but I noticed the price stickers on the back were from a hardware chain that went out of business years ago.  So I think that somehow doesn’t count.


Meanwhile, I have been mulling over the idea of making some sort of modified platform for my drill press, to replace the thing I’ve had there for 20 years or so.  It was always a temporary measure.  Or maybe just “half-assed” is more like it.


It was adequate.

But I want some sort of dust collection built in.

This is the kernel of the idea.


You can see how these things go.  I find myself standing there like a zombie trying to imagine how it should look,  since sometimes trying to draw out something is just as much of a waste of time. 

And man,  I’m good at that whole time wasting thing,  let me tell ya.

Anyway,  it’s still in “transition”,  so I’ll probably have something sorted out by the end of the weekend.

You can’t really figure too much out from this,  and that’s the way she goes.


We have Slovenian class in the morning,  and then we have to make a stop somewhere after that,  so I’m not sure when I’ll get back to it.

Hate these interruptions.


There were a couple other little things this week as well.  We received the final component for the generator install.  I went up to The Company that Cannot be Named and picked up the Automatic Transfer Switch.  Heavy sucker.

I’m still calling the company that, mostly to mitigate those dreaded Google searches.  You have to *know* where to find me.  

“Hits” don’t thrill me.  I mean,  I could get hits from creepy guys if I put in certain words,  but we won’t go there.  Plus, I got no AdSense.  So what do I care?

Next on the generator front will be getting all the other little bits and pieces.  You know, wire,  conduit,  black pipe,  fittings.   I can’t remember if it’s “four aught” or “two aught”   It’s heavy sh*t, I do remember that much.


Anyhoodle,  I have to go back out and clean up some glue,  so that’s it for this missive.

I’ll try to keep up.


Thanks for looking.


  1. Always something to do to keep yourself busy having too much fun.

  2. Same here. Just domestic stuff, but that has to be dealt with. It is kind of nice to read that I am not alone in the boat. :)) Maybe by the end of the summer I will have it all nice and tidy. What a goal - yeah!

  3. Spring is such a motivator, isn't it. That and a broken towel bar.

  4. Glad to read that you've been keeping busy so I'm not the only one stuck with this gawd-forsaken Spring fever cleanup stuff!

  5. Defrosting a freezer can be fascinating. I'm working on a post about watching grass grow. That heat gun might also melt the freezer if you are not careful.

    Keep on keeping busy.

  6. I've used a hair dryer to defrost my fridge for years... think I started that practice when I accidentally cut into something vital with a table knife and released freon back when freon was still used. It wasn't even the sharpest knife in the drawer .... nor was I ;-)

  7. It's the little things that add up to big things.

  8. I used to use a hair dryer on my freezer until I found a heat gun at Harbor Freight. Much faster and much higher heat.

    How do I know? I started to melt the plastic freezer wall and my ice maker tray...Oops! It's only a small bubble and slight distortion now. :cO


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