Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Milestone.

And no,  this is no April Fool’s joke.


The first two pictures aren’t necessarily very telling.

This is a lunch pail/bag/whatever,  that T.C. has been using for a few years now.  I pack a lunch for her every day.


Not sure if we’ll keep it.  It’s seen better days.

Towards the end of last week, there was some “loot” that made it’s way home.  That could be a bit of a hint.


Then of course,  there’s the dead giveaway.

And no,  I didn’t photo shop this.



I think there’s a shortage of this type of card.


Well, maybe this one too.


See,  yesterday was the end of March,  but it was also Travelling Companions last day at The Company that Cannot be Named.  Although,  at this point I can probably drop the name now and again.  Won’t make much of a difference at this point.


That’s about the extent of the “excitement” around here.   She went to work on her last day,  was the first one in and damned near the last one out.  Like that’s a stretch.    Still had a couple meetings, trying to impart that one last bit of knowledge. There was cake.  There was something akin to a “receiving line”.  Purged her phone of contacts,  cleaned out her desk and left.


The only slight wrinkle with us both being in the house together today was that we managed to pay the same bill twice.  We’ll have to work out a system.  Muggins here has been sorting out that end of things up until now.  I’m not even going to speculate as to what the thought process was on the subject.

I mostly kept myself busy at the bench. This is a window stool from the upstairs bedroom that had been a perch for each of the two cats who have lived here over the years.  There were “issues”.   Stupid cats have back claws.

I started out standing the thing,  and decided I didn’t want to put up with all that dust, so I hauled out a hand plane instead.



Because I *can*.



Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Congratulations on the retirement... Now, I just want to know if you'll continue to fix lunch every day ;-)

  2. Congrats to TC on the retirement. Learning to live with each again could get interesting at times.

  3. Congratulations on Tc's retirement. Now what?
    Get and Rv and Travel!!!!
    You should have the time now.

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  5. Congratulations to TC on her retirement, any chance we get to learn her real name?? :))

  6. Congrats are in order. Good on both of you.

  7. ahhhh retirement, how blissful it is...

  8. Congratualtions to TC. Looks like you will have to work out a few routines but oh to have all that free time, wonderful!

  9. Congrats! Congrats! of course, being the curious type, I'd keep reading until you drop "the name". But of course, I would keep reading anyway...you know how much I love your crazy witty sense of humor...can't wait to see what you two do for fun in full retirement. Took me four years after I 'retired' to really retire and quite working part time for the "company" I will name mine. NRCS. of course that means nothing to a Canadian I would imagine.

    1. Well, there was certainly a time (pre internet, say) when NRCS would mean very little to a Canuck, but of course, with two clicks of a mouse, and the knowledge that you were in the "dirt business", gives me a good idea.
      Henceforth I doubt very much there will need to be too much talk about "The Company", with the exception of waiting on a delivery that should take place tomorrow. We think.
      I might drop a name then....

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    1. Sorry there, east Asian spamming jerk, but you're outta here. *punt*

  11. That is quite an accomplishment, TC retiring. Now she can stay home and provide you with adult supervision! :c)


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