Thursday, April 3, 2014

One last hurrah.

Not sure if that makes sense.


In light of recent conversations with an old school chum of mine who lives in the Greater New York area,  and who had been without power during Hurricane Sandy, and then more recently in a winter storm,  we figured we’ve been pushing our luck.


See,  the story goes that,  during Hurricane Sandy,  he had a small portable generator that he would use for a few hours every day,  but eventually it became difficult to find gas stations that were either still open with fuel available,  or with power to pump the fuel that they had.  So coincidently before the last outage,  he had decided to “bite the bullet” and have a standby generator installed.

I though that was pretty cool,  and mentioned it in passing to Travelling Companion.   This was a month or so ago, when she was still working.

She said, “Well, we sell those.”

Say what?


See,  The Company that Cannot be Named has a whack of products,  and it’s tough to keep track of it all.  That’s my story.

Then of course,  we figured if we were going to do this thing, there was a plan afoot to get it sorted out while she was still an employee.  You remember that whole thing where Monday was her last day of work? 

Like….for ever. 

And this,  ladies and gentlemen, is the moment when you find out the name of The Company that Cannot be Named.

And that’s because our standby generator got delivered today.



I haven’t had a chance to go out there once again and unwrap the thing, but I’ll get to it.

I have to have a little conflab with my nephew and his buddy the gas fitter Dude,  to sort out just when and how we’ll set it all up.  See,  my nephew is a licenced electrician,  and although this can be a DIY project, it’s not something I’m about to tackle on my own.  Oh and besides,  the sucker weighs over 400 pounds so ya, do it yourself?  Right.

Plus, we’ll need to pull the meter, and that sh*t just makes me nervous.   And don’t worry, we “open the main” before we do that.   But that’s way down the road.  There’s conduit to run,  concrete to pour.  A pile of rocks to move.  The rocks have nothing to do with the generator itself,  they just happen to be in the way.  Long story.  Has to do with the pillars I built on either side of the driveway and at the corner of the property.  Turns out I had some rocks left over.  Might be time for a rock garden?

Stay tuned.

Funny thing too is,  I put all those rocks there,  but they seem to have become much heavier over the years.  What’s with that?


Other than some running around today looking at furniture and other such exciting stuff,  that’s about it for today’s missive.  Didn’t take any pictures.  I know.  My bad.


I’m not even going to mention the temperature for today.  It’s a sad state of affairs.


Keep those sticks on the ice. 


Thanks for stopping in.


  1. That's one big honking generator. Everyone will be over at your place when the power is out.

  2. I think the generator is really a great idea. If I still had a house it would definitely be something I would want to invest in. Of course, we have two generators - one for each RV. You still have a zillion projects going don't you.

  3. Well, that's not the first time you showed that name.... Its on her lunch bag too..... LOL

  4. When we lived in Ohio we had a generator as a back-up.... it was more like an "insurance policy" as once we bought the darned thing we never had to use it. Hope you never have to use yours....

  5. We've had a generator for several years. I've wondered, if we have another outtage like that big east coast fiasco several years ago, would we be too embarrassed to use it, or would we invite all the neighbors in and party like we mean it.

  6. Remember to run it regularly. 90 minutes per month under load. And make provision for all your neighbors to throw their extension cords over the fence!

  7. My generator was of no use during Sandy. It's powered by electricity. I may have been scammed.

  8. Now that you're prepared, you'll never have the electricity go out. It's the way the world works...

  9. So handy to have,but will probably never need it. Like Croft says remember to exercise it under load frequently.

  10. Looks like we readers will have some entertainment in our future as we read about the big, upcoming generator installation - can't wait for that!

    And here I thought the company that can't be named was some kind of spy agency!!

  11. I like you thinking. Hope you never have to use it.

  12. We are feeling kinda amputated now that our "genny" was left behind in Alberta.

  13. With a generator that size you are good to handle any emergency.


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