Thursday, April 17, 2014

King Tut’s Tomb.

So, “company is coming”,  which is another way of saying “Bob needs to clean until he faints”.  Or decides to take some Ibuprofen.

Anyhoodle,  I’m mostly done at this point,  and figured I’d best stop for a bite to eat before I get even crankier.

I did manage to empty out one of the moving boxes that I had shoved in the downstairs closet.  It’s mostly stuff I don’t know what to do with.  Can’t bear to part with these maps,  although I suppose one day I’ll have to do something.  It’s a great time waster flipping through them.


This is only the tip of the iceberg, believe me.  Not only were we in quite a few countries in Europe,  but I’m not always 100% convinced that the Navigation System should be relied on.   So we always had a map or two with us. 

Actually no,  that’s a lie.   On one trip to Verona (that would be Italy, by the way) it occurred to me after we found ourselves on a brand new “Autopista”  that wasn’t showing up on the GPS,  that I had in fact not brought along a map.   Silly bunt.   We made it there,  and over to Venice for a day, then back and back to Austria,  so I guess we dodged that bullet.


I meant to mention something about the maps there.  If you happen to click on the link,  you’ll notice that one of the ones along the top is a “Fietskaart”. 

I’m going to go out on a big fat limb here and say,  you will only find such a critter in the Netherlands.   It’s a map of all the bike routes in the province of Overijssel

“Fiets” = Bike.  “Kaart” = Map. 

How awesome is that?  And of course,  it gives all the distances in Kilometers.   So, instead of seeing some old couple meandering down the road in their aging Crown Vic,  you’re more likely to see a couple elderly yet pretty damned fit pensioners out on their tricked out bikes,  heading from B&B to B&B while on holiday.  I could just go on and on about biking infrastructure in The Netherlands,  but I’d just end up getting depressed.


As I was making my way through the routine this morning,  I really wanted to get some of the flotsam tidied up,  and had this bright idea I’d peek into the cold storage under the front steps.




It’s better than it was,  but I wasn’t about to put anything in there without having a vacuum cleaner at the ready.  This is one of those jobs that I have been putting off like nobody’s business.   I did part company with all the preserves that we had left behind when we moved,  but that wine there is another story.  It could be OK,  or maybe not.  It was never my intention to keep it any longer than about six months to a year.

I had a look at the date on one of the tags I left in there.



Hm, 2006?  Didn’t use long corks?  I’m not optimistic.

I’ll have to crack one of them and see what’s up, but not right this minute.  And that’s the problem.   Because once I close that door again, *poof* it’s gone.

It’s probably all going down the drain,  and I think that’s the other thing that I sort of dread.  Hate to throw out what otherwise would have been perfectly good wine.  Stay tuned.  I guess.


I might have a chance to utter a peep or two this weekend.  Not sure.

If not,  have a fine weekend.  The weather is improving.


Thanks for stopping in.




  1. Amazing all the s"stuff" that you can find once you begin to purge.
    Good luck.

  2. I actually have been in King Tut's tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. Aside from the slight lack of gold, your storage room boasts an uncanny resemblance... :c)

  3. Oh, you bring up a sore subject. Once again we'll be heading to Ohio... once again we'll confront the ghosts of 2001 past... once again we'll make a half-hearted attempt to purge, yes, even all those liquor bottles and ... well... you name it. Your's is so neat and well arranged... maybe this year we'll just arrange it nicely and forget it for another year.

  4. Never know what "treasures" you're going to find when you open up a tomb or a room.

  5. Oh, jut leave it. The maps were enough for a year or two.

  6. Just dump it, the empty bottles can be taken back and filled with another run from this year.... I so wish we could do that down here.....

  7. The worst thing about having visitors is the mandatory madness of cleaning up. Like do our visitors live in a spotless house? I don't think so as they're our kids!!

    As for the tomb, I'd just close the door for 6 more years.

  8. Soung
    sounds like a task to be taken slow and easy.

  9. We have a big tomb of our self! My plan is to start on it while Peter is away.......if I get my courage up, that is. Maybe I do as Rick says. :))
    As for the maps, I keep them. We never drive without a map. The GPS lady is not to trust 100%! Always goo to have a map to compare.
    I hope you enjoy your company even if you don't get a word in....:))

  10. Ohhh, my. We all have those tombs. Sometimes more than one...doh! Uh, it's stuff we're saving for the kids...right!


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