Monday, April 7, 2014

Folks be liking free stuff.

Seriously.  The last time I posted something for free on Kijiji,  I had a half dozen responses within the first 10 minutes.  I *guess* some people troll Kijiji all the time?  How does that even work? 

No wait,  there’s probably “an app for that”.  Or something.  I’m in the dark when it comes to some of these things,  but that doesn’t bother me in the least.

With Easter on the horizon, along with the distinct possibility of visitors staying over night in our downstairs space,  there was an old appliance that had to go.

I put our old washing machine on Kijiji this morning,  and within twenty minutes I had three responses. 


I wasn’t even going to check my emails, since I figured nobody could possibly be interested in an aging machine that clunks when it spins,  but still works.

I was wrong.

And,  as I write this,  it’s gone.


It’s one of those,  “I’ll believe it when I see it” kind of things,  since it’s tough to get a feel for whether someone will actually show up when they say they will.  This fellow not only called when he said he would,  but showed up within a couple minutes of when he figured he’d be here.  Mind you,  his “helper” couldn’t have been more than 80 pounds soaking wet,  so I still had to help them get the thing up the stairs. 

But hey,  we can’t all be strappin’ lads,  able to bench press 300.  The main thing is,  it’s gone.

I might be eyeing a few other things around here that ‘need to go’.   I’m trying to pull my weight,  so hopefully I won’t be on the list.  Time can only tell.


They called for rain,  and they got that part right.   Not so sure about the temperature they had predicted.  I found it cold most of the day.  It was well above the freezing mark,  but just a bit raw.

I only mention this,   since there were a few minutes on the back step there when I was definitely getting rained on.  My temporary guests bade me go back inside,  since they could manage from that point on.  I was easily sold on that idea.

I forgot to offer then that old TV I have hanging around at the side of the house.   Drat! 

Although, I think the washing machine definitely works better,  and probably gets at least as many channels.



Keep yer stick on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. ....shaking my head....washing machine channels??.... only you, Mr Bob.

  2. We have what we call junk day, twice a year. The local trash hauling firms come by and pick it up. Funny thing. There are always what seem like convoys of cars with trailers roaming through the hamlet on those days. Anything that looks like it can be used or sold is picked up before the trash hauling firms get here. Can't complain. One man's junk is another man's treasure.

    1. We have a couple days like that here too, however I would have still had to get the thing up a flight of stairs, so by giving it away, the recipient supplied the muscle.

  3. Nice to get rid of the unwanted items and have people come and pick it up too.
    Free is always good.

  4. That's what I have planned to to in the coming month: get rid of STUFF! Unfortunately such trash hauling service doesn't exist here. And Craigslist people shy away when they hear where we live. But - out it shall!

  5. Where we used to live we had the annual junk day thing. Now in our RV community we just carry stuff to the garbage area where folks recycle. But who can carry a washing machine. Good idea with the Kijiji.


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