Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Monsoon Monday.

Miserable Monday?

I’m only referring to the whacky weather.

And yes, it’s already Tuesday.  Got distracted.

We had some sort of Chinook Sunday,  although the term “Chinook” is commonly used in the Prairies, that’s what it felt like.  Spring like cool temps one minute,  and balmy warm weather the next.  It was actually colder inside the house than outside. 

And now that I just looked up what a Chinook really is,  that wasn’t it.  But it got warm really quickly.  Whatever the word for that is.

Then today yesterday it rained like crazy.  And at this precise moment,  it’s snowing. It’ll go fast I hope. And I refuse to take a picture. Springtime in Canada.  Like a box of chocolates.  You never quite know what you’re gonna get.

Well,  there are those weather forecasting folks,  but that’s a crap shoot.  I think they can predict maybe the next 48 hours,  but that’s about it.

I’ve been farting around out in the garage for the last few days.  As Travelling Companion put it, “I hear sawing,  but nothing comes in.”   I’m not sure what the heck I would have been bringing in,  but I guess I’m supposed to cart something in once in a while.  Kind of like a cat bringing in a dead mouse?


Where did I leave off?


Right.  Out with old and crappy,  and in with…well,  something.

Started out as a means of sucking up the chips and dust when using the machine.  And then, it evolved, and took multiple glue-ups,  head scratching and sorting through the left over pile of oak flooring.

And this is probably why it’s just as well that I don’t have any plans for these kinds of things ahead of time,  since then I’d probably know when to quit. 

Pretty self explanatory.








So that was my big excitement. Doesn’t really take much. I’ll cut out a few replacement inserts for the top, including some for the sanding drums.

I do need another length of “T” track for the back,  since I came up a tad short.


Oh, I got something that was pretty amusing in the mail yesterday.  Just have to scan it and do a “show and tell”.

I’ll get to try out our new scanner.  But that can wait.




Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I had to have Bill explain your project to me... guess I'm not very handy in a workshop...

  2. Ditto. I do, however, know what's going on out there when Jim brings a bird house in! Doh...

  3. That's one mighty fine looking table for your drill press. Think you can use it as a router table as well.
    I always wanted one like that, but sold the house before I got A roundtoit.

  4. Is that a saw dust catcher? Pretty fancy...I used to just use a garbage bag.

    48 hour weather is not too bad, used to be lucky if they got it right for 12 hours. Down here in NYC area they are pretty good for up to 72 hours...Our weather is a little more consistent. I pay no attention to their 5 day forecast after day three.

  5. Jim knew what you were doing there but I didn't have a clue. Looks good though. Hopefully your weather improves. If we got things wrong as often as the weatherman we wouldn't hang onto our job.

  6. "Springtime in Canada. Like a box of chocolates. Now, there's a saying I've never heard before!

    Nice job on the dust collector, looks good.

  7. Who knows what evil goes on in the Devil's workshop... :cD


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