Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Dog Whisperer.

So,  I mentioned that “company’s coming”,  and this was part of the package.


Um ya.  This is “Milo”.   He’s a pretty good dog, considering he’s still really a puppy.  I think he’s still not quite 2.  Calm beyond his years.

AND,  somehow I’m now “dog sitting”. 

Seriously?  What the hell?  

I think by this point in the relationship,  he has a pretty good idea as to just who the “alpha dog”  is,  and it ain’t him.  It’s *never* any creature with four legs. And certainly not any creature I let inside these four walls.

Doesn’t chew on sh*t.  Doesn’t jump on the couch. Doesn’t sniff yer balls.  (I hate that).   I hear his owner’s back yard is a bit of a disaster,  but he’s welcome to dig up anyone’s lawn.  Except mine.

You know,  I see these little missives online,  going on about how somebody’s dog is “part of the family”.  Well you know, *I* might be part of the family,  but I’m sure if I started sniffing your ass,  you’d probably wonder what was up. Of course,  I have some definite ideas about that whole relationship between Man and Dog.  It goes like this,  “I’m the MAN,  and you’re the DOG”. 

But really,  if your dog is part of the family,  (and I’m OK with that,really)  then you’d best teach him or her not to destroy the trim around the doors, or generally be a complete and utter tool. Because if he’s “part of the family”, and is a complete and utter tool,  then you must be too?  Ah yes,  it’s The Tool Family. 

And,  we’re not talking about Milo here.  Let’s keep that straight.

He does get a little agitated when you burst through the front door,  and just might bark.  Dogs are notoriously near sighted,  so I gave him a pass on that one.   I threatened to feed him some chocolate,  and he shut right up.   Google “chocolate for dogs”,  and you’ll know what I mean.  Actually,  I’ll save you the trouble.


Anyway, ‘nuff of that.  Hope everyone is enjoying their Easter.  With whatever that entails.  

My Good Friday ritual involved going to two different pubs,  getting a free meal,  AND a T-shirt.

Someone on the Book of Face mentioned something about the “Easter Service” being great or wonderful or something.  Well yes,  I had great service at both locations.  Thank-you very much.



Yup,  gonna be sailing again this year.  It’s been a few years.  You may recall that I went out at some point in the fall.  Didn’t screw up.  That’s the main thing.

So we had a “meeting”  at one of the watering holes in Bronte,  and I offered to pay for my lunch,  as did other members of the crew,  but the meal was taken care of by the skipper.  Alrighty then!

I know most of these folks,  although since I was overseas, (since 08!)  there have been a few new faces.  And others who used to occasionally sail on Baccarat,  but who are now full timers.

See,  here’s the thing.   It’s all fine and dandy to own a sailboat,  and you may be able to go cruising all by your lonesome or perhaps with your “first mate”,  but if you want to race,  you need a crew.  

It never hurts to feed the crew,  and if it makes you happy,  provide them with T-shirts.   I have a few of these,  in other colours. Along with a host of hats.

It’s all about the swag.  Seriously.  Between the Company that Possibly Could be Named But I need the Typing Practise and sailing,  I have drawers full.




In other “news”,  the people across the road have finally decided to move the rest of their stuff.   You can’t see it from here,  but they’ve been bringing boatloads of stuff over and shoving it in the garage.  It’s a two car garage,  and it was completely full.  These guys brought the beds,  mattresses and other stuff that wouldn’t fit into an SUV or the back of a pick-up truck.

Oh,  and you’ll notice there are a few bags out front there?

Well,  we do have a system whereby our yard waste is picked up every other week,  and you can use these store bought paper bags.  However, this ISN’T the week. 

Should I call the municipality?   Should I be “that guy”?


See at what I mean?


There’s gotta be over forty fecking bags out there!

I floated the idea of taking over my old snow thrower,  an old TV and maybe that old printer and scanner and just sticking them all in amongst the bags.  T.C. though that was an OK idea.

But no,  I won’t do that.  I am tempted to call though.  There’s this whole “out by seven a.m. but not before five p.m. of the previous day” thing.  

I’m not sure what the thought process is there.

I’ll have to sleep on it.


OK so,  try not to O.D. on chocolate.  I’m trying to reform.  I can’t make any promises when it comes to Potica however.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. Oh My! So much to chew on... the dog... who does he belong to anyway? I'm with you on most of your "points"... I have to be the alpha figure when it comes to me and the critters (however, I'll admit that I love cats more than dogs and know while I may want to alpha, the damned cats really are... But... on to those bags.... woooeeeee.... when's trash pick up day? Any place we've lived the raccoons or other neighborhood riffraff would have those torn to shreds and strung over 40 acres by pick up day. Just wonderin.....

  2. As a former sailboat skipper, I will go on record and say I always took care of the crew food:)

  3. Love dogs, but you have to be the pack leader.

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  5. "I hate to see the Tool Family coming for the holidays. Bowser always has his nose up my crotch. And there's the dog."

  6. Looks like you are really enjoying the dog sitting thing!
    Even a good Easter Service you had on Friday.

  7. I believe the packed up contents of a home would just about fill a two car garage before being distributed throughout a house, and then the packing material might fill forty packing bags. I'd wait until after trash day to pass judgement.

  8. With that little puppy dog, you're not going to get any Easter eggs, the bunny will be scared off! :cD

  9. Love Milo, so cute with the long legs. Drop a note to the neighbors explaining the facts and the dates.

  10. Your relation with the hound had me laughing so hard... Really enjoyed it. The neighbors will settle in.

  11. Milo has you figured out I think - if you want to be a Pack Leader then go right ahead. I think Milo has higher ambitions - bow-wow!!

  12. I am really wondering if that stuff doesn't end up all over the place within a few days! It surely would here. But some people don't care about that. "Just-let-the-wind-take-care-of-it-attitude".

  13. Isn't man a dogs best friend?
    No, maybe it's the other way around.


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