Sunday, April 27, 2014

I might need a dish rack.

Although,  having such a thing is right up there with having a “comb over”.  I’d just as soon not.

Seems we had a few moments of excitement last night in the kitchen.  And that was long after the excitement of discovering that Travelling Companion had decided to make some Pierogies.

Did I remember to take a picture?

Why yes,  yes I did.



Anyway,  I “helped”.  Well actually, I suppose I might have stuffed a third of those,  or all the ones that have the crinkled edges.  I was trying out this type of “ravioli maker” gizmo.  It mostly worked OK,  except that the dough is just stretchy enough that it would sometimes not line up with the outsides of the clam shell.  Doesn’t matter really,  they still tasted just fine.  We didn’t eat all of those by the way,  this is a food that you can freeze and chow down on later.

Oh,  and there were these chicken patty things that T.C. made as well. 


Again,  something that can be frozen and eaten later.  But that’s not really the exciting part.  The exciting part for me, is when it’s not ME doing the cooking! 

Oh ya,  baby!  Now that’s exciting.


The unexpected (actual) excitement of the evening came along a bit later though.

I was headed out to the garage shop to do a last minute lock-up,  when I noticed that there was a small puddle of water on the floor right in front of the dishwasher. 


That’s never a good thing.



Want to make any guesses at this point?   There’s no contest, trust me. 

“And the winner gets…..this old dishwasher!”

That has……decided to retire.



It wasn’t sounding quite right, so I shut it off and popped ‘er open.   Only to notice right away that the water was still coming in!   Gah!    So I unplugged it.  (This model has an arrangement where it actually gets plugged in,  so there’s no running to the panel to open a breaker).   At that point,  when I realised that the water was still coming in,  I shut off the water supply as well. 

By then of course,  I had more water to clean up,  since it couldn’t pump out the water faster than it was coming in.

Oh me knees!

Now,  the slightly good news is,  I did get to remove my kick boards and give them a good cleaning.  I’ve been meaning to do that. 

I hadn’t however planned on lining up that particular activity for a Saturday night!

You’ll notice in the photo that the kicks have been removed.  I installed them in such a way that I could pop out a few screws and remove them.  Of course,  I had completely forgot the order in which I had installed them,  so I needed to figure out that little puzzle first.  Always fun when you’re sloshing around in a puddle.


Upon further diagnostics,  I’ve come to the contusion that she’s done.   Acts suspiciously to me like the control board is pooched,  since now it will no longer take in any water, and any water that I put in there (by means of a handy dandy bucket)  immediately gets pumped out.   And that happens at no matter what point in the program the dial is set.  



We bought this machine when Travelling Companion was first promoted to the “top team” in the Company that Cannot be Named,  and her first assignment was in Horseheads,  New York.    So my best guess is that we bought it either in 1999 or 2000.  If I rummage through the files long enough,  I will find the receipt,  since we seem to have most everything going back to 1992.    And no,  I am not kidding!

Since she was living there two weeks at a time, (I would drive down for a visit on alternate weekends)  I figured that was as good a time as any to completely gut the kitchen and have a “do over”.  The kitchen had never been changed since the fifties,  and was long overdue.  Sucks to be without a kitchen,  but there was the downstairs cook top arrangement that I could fall back on. 

The kids used to refer to this dishwasher as “The Miracle Machine”,  since it would wash the hardest baked on crappola that had been sitting on a plate that you’d find under a bed somewhere months after it had been “lost” there.  So needless to say,  it was a pretty good machine.


So now we’re shopping for a new dishwasher.  Fark!

AND,  the ones that I’ve seen so far online don’t have the very cool top drawer arrangement for cutlery!  Gah!  We’re not overly keen on the basket type of arrangement,  where you put everything in,  and then try not to stab yourself when you’re taking it out.

Double fark.


Stay tuned.  But then of course,  you always do.


Oh,  and to add to the “excitement”,  look what I got on Saturday!




Yay me,  I’m *so* excited! 



Meh,  it’s OK.  Really.   Sure beats having a huge pile o’ dirt on the driveway that I’d be in a hurry to deal with.   The last time I had one of these bags delivered though,  it did take me most of the summer to get ‘er emptied.  I was starting to grow things in there by the time I was done.  I’ll try and go at it a little faster this time around.  That’s the theory at least.


And now I suppose I really should go and wash a few more dishes.



You know the drill.  Sticks. Ice.  Or maybe ditches, as the case may be.

Feel free to insert “sarcastic font” at your discretion.


Thanks fer lookin’.


  1. You mean dishwashers don't come as self loading versions? :cO

  2. All that food looks yummy.
    Ten years had a restaurant, no dishwasher, did them all by hand.
    Then closed the restaurant , put a dishwasher in the house, then sold the house, back to no dishwasher in the RV. Thats why I cook most everything on the BBQ, no pots and pans.

  3. I'm the only dishwasher in our home.... never had one, ever. Your food looks delicious... I'll be clicking on pierogies to check them out!

  4. Same here, no dishwasher. Doesn't make sense for two people, I say. Love pierogies. Learned to make them at the church in Cold Lake, for fall supper. Lots of work though. What are you "gonna" plant?

  5. Your pierogies look very yummy. As for the dishwasher, I have one that I use - a lot. The dishwasher is also a convenient hiding place for dirty dishes - until I run out of CLEAN dishes. When I travel in my RV, it's foam or paper plates! Wine is consumed from a proper wine glass - no plastic!

  6. Couldn't live without a dishwasher in our house. Yours lasted a good long time. Good luck picking out a new one - it's a bit of a crap shoot out there.

  7. I have learned the hard way that buying a dishwasher is an arduous task, especially of your better half gets involved:(

  8. Yeah to TC for taking on the task of creating a meal and yeah to you for stopping the great dishwasher flood. Trust me, you will never, ever find a replacement for your deceased dishwasher, they just don't make them like they used to.

  9. We have had the same dishwasher for the past 30 years since living here. It slows down at times, but still works, Yep, it's me.


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