Thursday, November 14, 2013

Just adding to the jobs.

But first,  a gratuitous shot of the flowers that arrived with some of our guests Saturday evening.  


They’re all still hanging in.  There was also copious amounts of beer and wine by the way.  Just thought I’d mention that.  

And no,  consuming the beer is not one of my “jobs”. 

(It’s more of an avocation.)

I haven’t really bought flowers since we left the Netherlands, sad to say.  Probably something I should look into.  I’m sure T.C. wouldn’t mind.

Anyhoo, she and I went out shopping a couple nights ago for yet another appliance.  See,  she’s not altogether happy with our built in ovens in the kitchen,  and wanted something for the downstairs.  I don’t seem to have any issues baking banana bread,  but hey, that’s the extent of my repertoire,  so what do I know?  The thermostat is a little out of whack,  but I have one of those oven thermometers in there.  Anyway,  I don’t argue about these things. 

The underlying problem though is,  not only could I not find a set of double ovens that will fit in that space (it’s like,  24 inches?)  but I was having trouble spending more that what I spent on my first car for said set of double ovens.  Even IF I could find them.  

So the new stove came this morning.

Nothing fancy,  even though it was from Goemans,  who normally sell somewhat pricier stuff.   They now have an “outlet” here in Burlington.  We were already in their data base,  so the whole shopping trip took maybe all of a half hour. 

And delivery was included.

My kind of “shopping”. 



I have no issues at all letting someone else do the lifting.


I realise the back of the house looks a bit like a war zone,  but I’ve been “cleaning up”.  Really.


Like I said,  nothing fancy.



I’ll have a little more work to do,  since I have to remove those cabinet there,  where there’s a cook top,  and shove the new oven in what used to be a dedicated space for such a critter.  Long story.


Meanwhile I’ve been cutting some pipes this morning.   Maybe more on that tomorrow.   Depends on whether I think it’s something worth going on about.

Lunch is over.  Back I go.

A *little* windy in there parts,  so I’m just as happy to stay indoors.  Mostly.


Hang onto your hats!


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Get that new appliance installed and you will be making lots more banana bread.

  2. So does a new stove mean you're going to branch out and try a new kind of bread?

  3. The new stove fits in nicely. Getting appliances delivered is a nice bonus too. Now, will it bake good Banana Bread?

  4. A simple stove is a good stove in my book!

  5. So I'm confused. Do you have a downstairs kitchen and an upstairs kitchen?

    1. In a word, yes. Some folks have ping pong tables. We have a second kitchen. Go figure.

  6. Thanks for the tip on keeping flowers looking fresh...filling the vase with beer and wine. :c)

  7. I am with you on letting others do the heavy lifting if possible! The other day, I was baking in a pyrex baking dish, in the oven and I hear from my garage what sounded like a terrible explosion inside. I go inside, and my cats are staring at the oven. The pyrex dish had exploded. I'm sure glad it didn't happen when I was checking the dish for doneness! I spent two days cleaning up glass shards everywhere you might find them. the oven is from the early 70's. It's thermostat is inaccurate also, but the dollar store oven thermometer I bought seems to be! I love banana bread with chocolate chips added.


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