Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Holy pressure change, Batman!

I can always tell when there’s a huge shift in the barometric pressure.  Somehow the inside of my head doesn’t want to get in tune with what’s going on outside.  And complains.

And I just wiped out a whole bunch of cr*p that I had written that nobody cares about.  No whining!


Let’s move on,  shall we?


Along with the little projects,  every so often I get sidetracked.  When I was rooting around in the attic looking for our vast array of Halloween decorations, (*pfft*) I stumbled across yet more books.



I’m not a “hoarder”,  really.  I just find it difficult to part with books is all.  There are more in other rooms.  I think you knew that.

I probably could have made good use of at least some of them in Vienna but of course,  our initial move was not to a German speaking country,  so I never bothered to try and dig them out.  Some might argue that our move to Austria *still* wasn’t a move to a “German speaking country”,  but let’s not split hairs.  
They do speak “English” in Newfoundland,  right?


Then,  right along with the books,  I found a small cardboard box with more… well,  “stuff”.  


Any ideas what this is?



Should I offer bonus points?   It would probably mean having to read and reply to comments,  and we know how bad I am at that.

I mean, *I* know what this is for.  It’s not like I discovered some mystery items in the attic.  But I sure have no intentions of ever using it again.

These items were considerably dirtier before I ran them through the dishwasher.  There’s also a thermometer that slips in the hole of the black thingy there.  Hope that helps.


As an idea as to how long these things have been hanging around,  there was a packing slip on the little box they were in.


packing slip

Note the date.  This was our old address over on the other side of town.  There are some really gripping titles there.  We probably still have those books too.  Somewhere.


Speaking of shipping,  a box arrived today from Oneida.  And no,  I’m not talking about those other guys. 


Back when I was attempting to assemble my snazzy new cyclone dust collector (which is awesome, by the way) you may recall that I was missing some “caps” that are supposed to get popped onto the ends of the axle to keep the wheels from falling off? 

In frustration I called the company and we had a little chat.  And yes,  I was very pleasant. No point in being miserable.

Admittedly I should have called them back once I figured out that I could just drill a couple holes and insert cotter pins,  but by then they had gone home for the day,  and I promptly forgot about it.   Mea culpa.


So today there was a knock at the door,  and low and behold there was a package.


Well now,  that only took TEN DAYS!



Kind of a big box,  don’t you think?

I mean,  the only thing in there was those two caps.



Oh,  and look at how much it was to ship them?



I should feel bad.   I should.

HOWEVER.   I’ve heard it said that,  you might have a wonderful product,  but if you don’t know how to run a business,  it’s not going to matter.   Why wouldn’t you ship those in a tiny little bubble envelope?  For like,  eight bucks?

Better yet,  hows about including them in the damned materials with the original shipment?

It's beyond my control”. 


I spoke earlier about “Buying American” or buying offshore.  Well now,  if I buy American,  my expectations are going to be just that much higher.   That’s all I’ll say.


Flame on!


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I thought maybe your pressure change was caused by Rob Ford imploding...

  2. Oh, if only he would.
    Not much of a surprise, I'm afraid.

  3. I have no idea what that is... can only say that if you've been hanging on to it since Dec 24, 1986 it can't be terribly important and if it were a Christmas present, it's just too darned late to deliver it now!

  4. I was brought up to believe you never threw/gave away books! When decided to go full time, I gave away uncounted hundreds if books. In truth, I would not want them back. In fact, now I am using a nook reader and getting to like it.

  5. When I finally bought a good Digital Camera that was when I donated all my SLRs and lenses and all to the local school for the arts and they loved them. What really confused them was when I also gave them my Darkroom Equipment nobody had a clue how to use it. I could do six films at a time. My parents hated not being able to go to the bathroom sometimes so I built them a laundry room but that was harder making prints during the wash cycle.

    Today I carry my photo shop where ever we go and it even helps us with research. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  6. Looks like some dark room equipment to me, many years ago I really enjoyed my darkroom, developing and printing pictures. Gave away all my cameras, lenses and equipment many years ago, now a small point and shoot works for me.

  7. Books are hard to give away for me too that's why I'm glad I've got an eReader now so I can store a gazillion of them and never have to worry about space.

    Makes you wonder what that company was thinking to ship those tiny caps in such a huge box. Strange.


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