Saturday, November 23, 2013

Nothing like a dead mouse to make a feller feel just grand.

And that’s pretty damned sad,  I’ll admit.

But while we’re admitting things here,  let’s just say I let out a little *whoohoo* when I saw this dead little bugger.

Whoops,  guess that wasn’t my *inside* voice.  

It’s probably just as well that nobody can actually hear me from inside the shed?




I mean,  who yelps out with glee at the sight of a dead mouse?  Seriously. 

Can’t afford therapy,  so don’t bother.


Judging by the look of *things*,  he won’t be fathering any little poopin’ bastards anymore.    One down,  a couple thousand to go.  *sigh*

It’s a crazy windy/sunny/snowy day here at the Ponderosa.  Slightly below freezing,  but still not uncomfortable for a quick hike to the store this morning.  Hey, I need the exercise.   Had to dig out the winter coat though, and that’s always a drag.  I suppose I could have done some sort of layering thing,  but then all the layers need to be the same length,  or I start to look like a homeless dude. 

Speaking of things along that line,  last Saturday I hoofed it down to the store to purchase a lemon.  Yes,  one lemon.  That’s all I wanted.   Again, mostly needing the exercise.

No sooner had I come out of the store with my lemon in my pocket,  (there’s a Led Zeppelin song that refers to a lemon,  but let’s not go there,  shall we?) when this young guy tries to put the bite on me for some “spare change for the bus”.   Without a moments hesitation I flashed my lemon and informed him of my recent purchase.   I don’t think he knew what to say.   He kept walking.  

The somewhat troubling thing I noticed a little later that morning though was,  I saw him coming back up the street smoking a cigarette.   Well now,  that was a quick “bus trip”.   I suppose if I had had a bus token (I don’t even think we have such a thing in this backwater) he would have turned it down??    Maybe I should have taken the lemon out to him?    “Hey Dude,  you sure you don’t want that lemon??”


Annnnd….. it’s at this point that you know I’m really and truly scraping the bottom of the barrel here.


Time to go throw some more of that old cedar on the fire.

It sure do burn nice.



Thanks for stopping in.


Oh and,  you know what to do with your sticks.


  1. I can truly recognize a kindred spirit here in the mouse department. Perhaps I need therapy too??

  2. One by one is a good way of knocking down the little buggers population. The insurance company rented us a house to stay in while they fixed ours after the fire. We had four traps going at a time and sometimes they were going off within seconds of one another. Must have been a Suicide Pact. Cleaned up over two dozen of them with a nasty word to the insurance company.

    Most of those panhandlers if you offer to buy them a sandwich will tell you off. Yeah they are all winners and we're all suckers. RIGHT! It's time the cities do a little street cleaning.

    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Now I did see a guy with a sign around his neck asking for cash. Said something like "I need money for booze and drugs" at least he was honest, so I gave him a buck.

  4. Dead mice, lemons and panhandlers: I'm pretty sure it's NOT the makings for a song but I could be wrong. It might be quite an interesting song. LOL

  5. I believe it was Hanna and Barbara's Mr. Jinx who said it best, "I hate meeces to pieces!"

  6. Mice are on a mission to take over the world. Don't worry about offing a few.

  7. I've never seen a mouse trap like that... doesn't look like those ones that you can break your finger bones if you accidentally get them caught in the downward "smack".... but was happy to see it isn't one of the glue things that let the little buggers suffer and wonder if/when their next meal is coming from. But I think if a ladybug trap were available I'd gladly take it, even if it did glue the dratted things to a piece of cardboard. Okay... double standards I suppose.....

  8. Only a stone cold killer with a heart as cold as ice would off a little mouse, jump with joy, yell and then tell the world about it.

    Well, I have to admit, it did make me laugh a bit.

  9. Out here in the country we are fighting the mice battle and slightly winning for the time being! Nasty little buggers!!


  10. The only good mouse is a dead one. So keep up the good work.

  11. You should have offered the panhandler the dead mouse. After all, it was fresh meat... ;c)

  12. We are currently embarking on a mission to catch any mice that might have invaded the RV. So far none inside but the traps have been sprung but no mice caught.

  13. Have you considered getting a cat or two to solve your mouse problem?

    That mouse trap thing looks fancy! In my house we usually just use the shovel, or occasionally a machete....


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