Monday, November 25, 2013

Didn’t get ONE right.

I probably shouldn’t even talk about this,  since it’s rather shameful and all,  but I’m definitely losing my football picking Mojo.   Oy.

It’s just been on my mind,  and there’s not a lot of room to spare up there.

I’ll have to wait until tonight to see how the 49ers do against the Redskins (or are they the “Native Americans”?)  but I’m at this point a little crestfallen.

Oh,  and how come there’s tying in Football?   There’s no tying in Football!   I thought you played until someone scored?  I guess I know less about the NFL than I already thought I didn’t know.  Sheesh.

So I don’t know if I got that one right or not.  The Panthers and the Vikings tied.  Smack me with a wet noodle.  Do we just throw that one out?? 


OK,  I’ve got that out of my system,  let’s move on.


Got a phone call from one of my brothers in Nova Scotia this morning.   Always happens either when I’m on my way out the door,  or otherwise “indisposed”.    Even though the phones are all cordless,  it’s still my preference not to carry one around with me at all times,  or take it into certain rooms.  Let’s not elaborate.

Now,  you have to understand that,  in the last few weeks,  there’s been ANOTHER brother who has had a couple visits to the hospital,  and anytime I get one of these calls,  I’m never quite sure just what the news might be.  

A phone call in the fore noon?  Hm,  that can’t be good.

You know, sure hope I’m not going to a funeral?  That kind of thing. 

But he’s fine.  Just some swelling.  Put it this way, if they keep taking out body parts,  he’ll have fewer issues as time goes by.


Well,  this last phone call was only to tell me that they had left a message on Skype,  which I’ll play back again later today for Travelling Companion.  I’m sure it’ll prove riveting.

Took me a second there to realise I could indeed do some sort of “screen capture”.  Not that it’s a very good one.

Older brother John

Yikes. Kinda reminds me of Doc Brown from “Back to the Future”.

I was waiting for him to say “Great Scott!”


doc brown


OK well,  maybe my brother needed a little more frizz.  That would have worked.


Hey,  at least he’s clean shaven.  He was starting to look like Jeremiah Johnson for a while there.  Given where he and his “lady friend” were living up until recently,  I could understand just why shaving might prove somewhat of a challenge.  Let’s just say,  I’ve camped in better conditions. 


Note:  I’ve redacted parts of this,  ‘cause it was a bit harsh.  There, that’s better.


Meanwhile,  it’s a lovely day here at the Ponderosa, albeit a little on the cold side.  And windy.  But hey, no snow!  Missed us completely.  I more or less have my shovel at the ready.  Shovelling snow isn’t really an activity that I pine for,  shall we say?

At least we have such a device as a snow shovel.  I can’t imagine the folks in Albuquerque having any hope of digging out from the storm they got.   That’s NEW MEXICO,  in case you were wondering.   Any time “Mexico” and “Snow” are in the same sentence?  Even if it’s New Mexico?  That’s just not right.


Happened to notice my neighbour across the way yesterday having to boost one car with another. 



He’s taken the plates off the one nearest the garage,  and I guess he thought he’s start it up.  It’s been sitting there for a week and he’s been driving the (new to them) Mazda there.  It’s been a while since I’ve had to use booster cables in the freezing cold.  Something else I don’t exactly pine for. 


Well,  tomorrow morning I’m off to get my head examined.  So we’ll see how that goes.  And no,  I don’t mean the “mental” part either.  There’s no point to that.  It’s time for the MRI.   Oh what fun!

I have no clue where to go,  except to show up at the Hospital.  Hopefully the information thingy is open at 6:45.  
I doubt that I can take pictures.  

You’ll just have to watch an episode of “House”.  They were forever shoving people in that MRI thing.  


Um, wait.   They’re going to “line up my hydrogen protons.”   Really?  Is that good? 

Isn’t hydrogen that stuff that turned the Hindenburg into a ball of fire? 

How about that, eh?

Well,  I guess I won’t have to worry about sleeping in,  since I probably won’t be sleeping much tonight.


I’m sure it’ll be fine.  *eep*

He says.


Keep those sticks on the ice.  Don’t forget to breathe.


Thanks for stopping in.


  1. We have a snow shovel in the trunk of our car, booster cables too, just in case ya know. No lawn mower though, when grass needs cutting I borrow other people lawns and riding mowers.

    Hope your MRI goes well. I had a couple of my head and guess what? Nothing there inside, could have told then that, just a big empty space.

  2. Way ahead of you here in Edmonton!. Snow up to our knees. I figured something out. The person who said, "If you do something right, you will never have to do it again" never shoveled snow. Just sayin'. Good luck with your MRI. Let us know if they find anything . . . :)

  3. Your brother looks a little like the mad scientist in a Walt Disney movie... what do they say... you can choose your friends but not your relatives? Hey... most often it turns out they really aren't so bad afterall... and speaking of "turning out well"... hope your MRI does just that.

  4. Fingers crossed, but you won't be discomforted except for the long periods of loud noise..

  5. If I'm reading you correctly then you should have your head examined for predicting Peyton Manning to win against Tom Brady - that's a no-brainer, bro!!

  6. Can't believe this really is your brother.

  7. Let me see if I understand this. If your MRI machine gets out of adjustment, it might just turn you into a Redskin?

  8. You sure covered a lot of varied ground today:)

  9. The resemblance is stunning!

    I don't follow the NFL too closely but I sure am bummed about Saturday's games...{sadly shaking head}


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