Monday, November 11, 2013

The days of whine and Hosers.

I’m not entirely sure what the accurate definition of a “Hoser” is,  and I think you have to be Canadian first and foremost to begin to grasp the concept.  And possibly use a leaf blower.

It’s just a catchy title,  and was working its way into my brain just now as I was walking back from the store. 

And that’s because, we have WAY too many leaf blowers in the neighbourhood as far as I’m concerned! 

Come on! I swear I’m going to dig out one of our “I” thingies,  and listen to some music anytime I’m outdoors. 

“Ipod”,  right?  

Couldn’t come up with that name a second ago.  Another indication of how I’m on the periphery of all things “high tech” or even remotely technical. 

I seem to manage just fine.


Mind you,  I haven’t managed to keep up with blog entries over the last few days.   The horror!   But hey,  sometimes the days just slip by and I got nuttin’. 


Admittedly,  I was one of those “Hosers” with a leaf blower in my former job.  But hey,  we had a bunch of trees out in front of the school,  and in the fall I had to somehow get all the leaves to the curb.  The city would have to come along with a front end loader to get rid of them.  Besides,  when I bought the thing (for the school) I made sure it was a model that met certain noise restriction requirements.  They do exist. Something to do with HOAs in Florida. Whatever. Something like that.  All I know was,  it had to be of the “quieter” variety.  Worked for me,  since it didn’t have that ear piercing high pitched whine.

OK,  I’ll stop now.




This past weekend we had something we referred to as our “Vienna Night”.   I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned this before.  I guess I didn’t feel the need.

We just thought it would be a fun thing to do.  You know,  have a dinner party with a theme.  Of the group,  there were a small handful who were able to visit when we were in Europe,  and so we thought we’d recreate one of the dishes that we enjoyed when we lived in Vienna.

The dish is called Tafelspitz,  and there’s brief snippet on that site.   Travelling Companion also made Strudel,  but more in the Slovenian style, rather than the Austrian style. 

For some of you on the Book of Face,  you may have already seen this beauty.



Travelling Companion made that on Friday.  I’d say it takes the better part of an afternoon.  There are very few remnants left over as I write this. 



There were twelve of us.  Not a paper plate to be seen either. 

So the deal is,  T.C. and I both toil away at this up until the point when everything is on the table,  and then I take over.   By that point, her knees are pretty much pooched,  and no amount of Ibuprofen ,or what have you,  is going to help.



I never really thought about this,  but I guess there’s not a vegetarian or vegan in the bunch.   That wouldn’t work.   They could stand at the window there and peer in I suppose.  Would that be mean?

It’s a “meat dish”.   There’s also a type of spinach puree,  along with applesauce with a hint of horseradish.  

Oh and,  potatoes that are first par boiled,  julienned and then pan fried.  That’s the best way to describe it.  We were trying to recreate the exact same meal from a restaurant in Vienna where we used to go from time to time.  And yes, eventually they did get to know my name.

And then of course,  Strudel for dessert.


Along with a popular brand of Austrian coffee that we brought with us in our luggage.  It was a gift from our Relocation Lady. 



Naturally, the question is always,  “What can I bring?”  to which my reply was “nothing.”   It didn’t matter.  We tried to put a dent in the Austrian wine and beer,  but I won’t need to buy much of anything for a while,  let’s just say.

I’ll try and pace myself.


Truly lucky and thankful that we can do any of these things.



Enjoy the rest of your day.


Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Your dinner sounds delicious! (and looked lovely).... whoooHooooo.... real china a glassware! Now... THAT'S my idea of elegance!

  2. Really sounds like an awesome meal and fun get together, sorry we missed it.
    But then we weren't invited.

  3. Where do you come up with these titles! I laughed hard over it. :c)

  4. I have to say I am truly sorry I am on the other side of the continent, and in a different county no less. I would beg on bended knee for an invite to that Austrian dinner with strudel...never mind the boiled beef.

  5. If that strudel tastes as good as it looks, I'd say you were all in for a treat! It looks YUMMY. Maybe you can share the formula sometime.

  6. I'd be hanging around the Strudel table at that dinner alright - it looked terrific.

    I think it was the MacKenzie Brothers who first popularized the term "you hoser".

  7. I'd be right next to Rick at the Strudel table. Looks like a great theme dinner.

  8. yep... you can add me to your guest list anytime you would like... and if you want, I won't bring anything at all...


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