Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Should have known.

Well,  I suppose I *did* know, but did it anyway.  I blame it on the squirrels.

Travelling Companion got in well after dark last night (and that doesn’t have to be very late, by the way) so she didn’t have the chance to take a gander at the outside of the house. 

Like a fool I reminded her this morning as she was leaving and of course, you can already guess what happened.

“Why don’t you do the rest?  It looks so nice.”



So I spent just about the better part of the day rooting through lumber in the shed,  since I knew full well that I have some 1 x 6 cedar in the loft.   The thing is,  moving stuff around without vacuuming up the mouse poop doesn’t make a lot of sense,  so that’s why finding a few sticks of lumber took me all afternoon.




But that’s OK.  Really.  I’ve been wanting to get up there and do some cleaning for a while now.  The thing is,  in the summertime,  it’s just a wee bit too warm up there, so the incentive to vacuum mouse poop in the sweltering heat?  Not happening.



We may have to do some serious purging I’m afraid.  Anybody need some flooring?   I can fix you up.

I realised I have two unopened cases there,  but that’s not because I can’t do the arithmetic.   The deal was,  Home Despot was selling off a skid of flooring one day when T.C. and I were out and about,  and it was dirt cheap,  but you had to take the entire skid.   When I quickly figured out in my head whether or not there would be enough, (not having enough would be bad)  I realised there might be a bit left over,  but it didn’t matter.  Did I mention it was dirt cheap?

So I put laminate in the downstairs apartment for under three hundred bucks.   Considering it was over a thousand to just do the upstairs kitchen?  I think you get the idea.

I wonder if the The Restore would be interested?   I have issues turfing out perfectly good flooring.   It might be up there for another 10 years. 


Not much else going on today. 


Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping in.





  1. If we lived closer, I'd buy it from you. I want to get rid of this carpeting in the motorhome even though it is just a year old.

    1. Two boxes would probably do it. And you could *have* the flooring. No "buying".

  2. Still a great deal, even with the mouse poop! ;c)

  3. I guess I should just be happy that you and Bill don't live close to each other... the projects you two get yourself into by yourselves wear me out just to think of.... together I don't know if you'd do yourselves in first or me and the T.C.

  4. I have this long time conviction that no good deed goes unpunished:)

  5. Sounds like a good deal on the flooring, am sure someone would take it off you hands, Kijiji? Maybe even get 5 bucks for it too.

  6. You just reminded me that I have the odd box of un-opened laminate lying around here too. Whatever for I have no idea.

  7. I'm just glad you live way the hell across the continent; I might be tempted to help you with that excess flooring. Of course my knees would be killing me putting it down!

  8. Ha, pity you are just a LITTLE bit too far away from England for me to take you up on your offer. We have 2 floors to lay, just bought some laminate. Cheap but not dirt cheap.

  9. I tried to warn you...one thing always leads to another!!!


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