Friday, November 22, 2013

Perfect weather.

No really.  Not for some things, I’ll admit.   But it seems to work for me.

Just the same,  I thought I had better have a go at the lawn yesterday,  with the naive hope that maybe it’ll be the last time for the season? 

A feller can only hope. 

I’m not running the machine dry anytime soon though.  Last year I had to cut the grass just before Christmas.  It was just too warm all through November and into December.   Of course,  I didn’t actually have a lawnmower,  so I had to borrow one.    The whole episode kind of sucked.    The borrowing.  The cutting.  That kind of thing.



Ironically, that’s probably the best it’s looked all year.  I don’t do “lawn watering”.  Gotta pay for water.  I’ve never had the grass actually expire as a result of not watering it.  It makes no sense.  And watering it really weakens your grass,  by the way.


Then, two days after Christmas,  we had to shovel the driveway. 

We’re so blessed.


OK OK,  we haven’t had any tornados or hurricanes, so I probably should shut up.


I thought I’d do a little more sprucing up of the front of the house.


Someone asked me the other day if I wasn’t a little cold working up there?   I mean, it’s not summertime anymore.

Well,  therein lies the problem of working up there in the “summertime”.  It’s just too bloody hot.  I’ve tried it.  It ain’t fun.


Even though it’s only 8°C,  I was starting to get a little warm.  But that’s just me.  Had to take me hat off.


There’s really so much more work that needs to take place up there,  it’s not even funny.  HOWEVER,  by at least putting in some new boards,  it does mitigate the weather beaten look.

And really,  I didn’t even have to buy anything up to this point.  I already had the cedar squirreled away in the shed,  along with a couple extra gallons of Sikkens “Cetol 23 Plus”.   

It’s what I would call, “the good stuff”,  which is also reflected in the price.

I had also forgot just how smelly it is.  Yikes. 

No “low VOCs” with that stuff. No sir! 

Thankfully it was mild enough yesterday that I could open up the doors,  or I might have passed out.

Travelling Companion reminded me of the time (this was a *few* years ago) when she was in the shed brushing the stuff on some fence boards,  and the cat just happened to be in there with her. 

It seems the fumes tend to migrate down to the floor?   Poor bugger was staggering all over the place.  We put him in the house.  He never was the brightest of the bunch, so I don’t think the fumes made him any dumber than he already was.  

Well,  there was no noticeable difference, let’s just say?

He was supposed to be an indoor cat,  and he was.  Once in a while though he’d bolt for the door,  OR he’d yowl so much I’d take him out and shove him in the shed.  There were many things to investigate in the shed.  I think that’s how he ended up in there with T.C.  I must have got tired of him howling at the window.  

I kept threatening to just “let him go” anytime he got out,  but that motion would get voted down,  so we’d have to muster a search party and scour the neighbourhood. 

“But, he could get run over”,  was at least one of the supplications that I’d have to endure.   Needless to say,  I had to keep my opinions to myself on the matter.  Mostly. 

And yes,  I suppose that would have been *bad*,  but I’m pretty sure I could have weathered that little emotional upheaval. 

And in the end?   He’s buried over here in the yard,  not far from the shed.  Now he’s finally an outdoor cat.   Who knew?



Well now,  I’ll try and keep you all abreast of the many, many interesting things going on here at the Ponderosa. 

Lemme see. 

What’s going on this weekend?   *thinks*  Um…nothing.   Not a damned thing.   And you know what?  That’s OK.

So,  enjoy your weekend.  I know I will.


And….keep your stick on the ice.


Thanks for stopping in.





  1. Glad we don't have the house anymore. We have a drippy faucet that the building people will be here to fix next week. Gives me time to chose what I do for which person and when.

    Our cat Mr. T is also part of the landscape at the old address (22 1/2 years old). If you even tried to take him outside he'd grab for the doorframe not wanting to leave his domain which was pretty hard the night the house was falling down around his ears because some kids lit our garbage on fire and took the house with it.

    Hope you don't have to shovel too much. I really hate seeing anyone doing that. That's another reason Kathy and I are heading south ASAP. Be Safe and Enjoy.

    It's about time.

  2. Think you be getting that cold stuff soon, was 25c here yesterday at this time and today -3C and its heading your way.
    Get that snow shovel ready.

  3. Yeah, right. Like you're not going to get yourself in trouble over the weekend... :cD

  4. "Now he's an outdoor cat" ..yup, we have a few of those too, along with rabbits, birds, and at least one goat!

    Liking the new look on the front of the house. If you get too hot, you can come work on our house. It was 21F here this morning...don't know what that is in Celsius.

  5. Way too much work involved in that house stuff. We are having record rain down here in AZ. So nothing is being done outdoors. Well, except the police having to rescue those idiots trying to drive through flooded areas. Thank goodness we have a stupid driver's law down here.

  6. You do what you have to do when you have to do it but really 84F @ 8 :40 PM is a tad too much for me. Not that I am considering changing places and dealing with frost and snow but just saying....


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