Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Even in far away Austria.

So,  I was just sitting here contemplating what I might blather on about today,  with nothing particular to say,  and naturally there’s a tendency to do a little wandering “on the line”. 

I mean,  I could be reading a book,  but that would be too much like a good use of my time.

Once in a while I like to take a gander at the Austrian newspapers to,  you know,  see what their take is on life in general?  There’s something to be said for the ability to read a newspaper in the original language.

It didn’t take me too long though to discover I didn’t have to go that far to get the “local news”.  


I think you know just who made it into the Austrian news?



Oh,  we’re so proud. 

Here’s the link,  for those of you who read German.

And since links do disappear,  I’ll just glean a few snippets.  Try not to doze off.




Torontos Bürgermeister gesteht Crack-Konsum

Rob Ford hat es lange geleugnet - bis jetzt. Sein Rücktritt wird erwartet.

Der Bürgermeister der kanadischen Millionenstadt Toronto hat nach langem Leugnen den Konsum der Droge Crack eingestanden. "Ja, ich habe Crack geraucht", sagte Rob Ford am Dienstag vor Journalisten in Toronto. In den vergangenen Tagen hatte es wegen des Drogenkonsums immer wieder Forderungen nach Fords Rücktritt gegeben.

Die Polizei der kanadischen Wirtschaftsmetropole hatte der Justiz in der vergangenen Woche 500 Seiten Ermittlungsakten sowie Videos übermittelt, die nach der Festnahme mehrerer Drogendealer beschlagnahmt worden waren. Mindestens eines der Videos soll Ford zeigen, wie er in einem als Drogenhöhle bekannten Haus mit einer Glaspfeife Crack raucht. Noch am Sonntag hatte Ford jeglichen Konsum des Kokainderivats abgestritten.


My spell check didn’t seem to like any of those funny words.  That second paragraph is basically saying that the cops went through five hundred videos they had seized after rounding up a few drug dealers,  and lo and behold,  there was good ole Rob,  suckin’ back some fumes.  

That’s a loose translation,  by the way.

Hey,  my blog.  My rules.

Technically,  smoking it isn’t against the law.  HOWEVER,  you can’t very well smoke it,  unless you’re “in possession of” it.   That’s the technicality.   Now we wait.

If good ole Rob has plans of staying in office,  my guess is he thinks he can do it from a jail cell??

And no,  I don’t think the police chief is going to “step down”.   That’s a good one.



Lemme see.  What else we got going on?

Not too danged much, actually.

The weather has turned sour as was predicted,  which means my headache has cleared up.  Bit of an irony that.

Starts to rain and I feel better.  If it hangs around too long though, I’ll get depressed.  What a conundrum.


Had to do the normal running around on a Wednesday.  In my various stops,  I was looking for some nine volt batteries to replace the ones I had used in the smoke alarms the other day.

See now,  I’m cheap.  But we knew that.  I’ll pony up good money for something like winter tires say,  but when it comes to batteries,  I have a problem.

Paying all that extra for “Duracell Copper Tops”,  doesn’t cut it with me.  Who cares if they’re “Guaranteed Five Years”?  How does that work?  Am I going to keep my receipt?  

Besides,  I’m going to replace them in six months!   When we “spring ahead”,  I’ll be turfing* them out and putting in new ones.

That’s where the “Dollar Store” comes in.   In this case,  Dollerama.   They even have a website!  I could have probably looked on their website.




See,  there we go.   A buck apiece.  That’s a little better than $6.99 a piece.  That was just one of the prices.  It could be more or less,  just depends where you shop. 

Drugstores are notorious for charging the moon for batteries.  I suppose they figure,  “Well,  while you’re here…”  (we’ll just put the bite on you.)

There were a whole bunch of things that I paid a buck each for.  I certainly wouldn’t buy food there,  but plastic storage containers.  Sure,  three for a buck,  that kind of thing.

Here’s a little bit of wonderment for you.

Saw this earlier today.



See in the lower corner of the window?



My first reaction was,  “Gah!  What the….!”   

But then on closer inspection,  I realised this was bird seed.  You know,  that whole “suet” thing.

Apparently some of the local thieving bastards squirrels stole this from someone’s bird feeder,  and thought they’d “store” it there.  Hey,  we had a couple peanuts “stored” by our front door for most of the summer.  They ain’t the brightest,  them squirrels.

Those in my immediate family know just what I think of squirrels.  I’m not going to say anymore.  It might be incriminating.

Oh to live in the country,  where the odd gunshot might go unnoticed.



Keep those sticks on the ice.


Thanks for stopping by.




*um,  they don’t go in the landfill.  I save ‘em up and take them to the “Hazardous Waste Depot”.    Which is not the same as the “Hazardous Wasted Depot, i.e., Toronto City Hall.

wakka wakka .


  1. Laughing! That photo of the king of T. made my day. What a j...! And he doesn't even know it.

  2. Rob did what all the politicians do when they get caught - he finally confessed, then in order to save his job rambled how he wanted to keep his job to "continue fighting to lower taxes." Just once I'd like to hear a politician say, "honestly, I don't have the power to lower your taxes, however I'm damn sure going to make sure the money is spent well and not wasted on crap."

  3. You know, a high powered air rifle really doesn't make Mrs Grundy even look up from her gossip... best way to dispatch the furry-tailed rats that I have found.

  4. Howdy Bob,
    Pretty good reading in the Austrian newspaper... What is it with ALL politicos, nowadays, since Clinton had Monica under the desk?? Batteries are sold by ADVERTISING not on quality...
    Squirrels is gooood eating and their tails look gooood on radio antennas !!!
    Hope y'all have a HAPPY DAY !!!!

  5. Geez Bob! Between Rob Ford and the critters looks to me like you're going sqirrely. I get the impression the Ford thing will be all over for a while soon. There are another surprise or two out there before he implodes.


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