Friday, October 14, 2011

The last day.

Well,  that sounds a bit ominous.  Doesn’t mean to be.

Yesterday was the last full day for our visitor from Canada.  She’s managed to be out every day,  with two or three things on her little list to see each day.  Those retired teachers.  They like to plan things!

She did a pretty good job of getting around to see quite a few things,  and report back on a couple places that I now might go and check out.  There are so many museums and such in Vienna that the thought of trying to actually take it all in can be a bit overwhelming,  and even though Travelling Companion and I have gone out and seen and done things that the average Wiener might not do,  there’s still a whole whack of places we could see.


So that meant this morning it was my turn to chauffeur Travelling Companion out to work in Strebersdorf,  and then take Nan to the airport.  I don’t have to look it up to know it’s Austrian Air flight 71 that leaves at something like 10:25.  Gets into Toronto at something like 1:50.   Think I’ve taken that one a few times??


I don’t know why they don’t just say 2:00 p.m.  and be done with it.  The airlines always have these goofy times.

By the way,  that “flight” link above takes you to a pretty neat website that will track flights in real time.  Doesn’t work for all airlines,  but I use it from time to time.


So then here we are on what is now a normal Friday,  but in addition to the usual Friday domestic cr*p that I dive into,  I’ve also had to set up a couple appointments.  

No big deal,  really. 

I had to call the lady up the street at the Hair Salon and postpone Travelling Companion’s hair appointment AGAIN,  since she'll be working all weekend.  *sigh*   She’s been home late every night this week,  and I don’t think tonight will be any exception.  I can’t really spill the beans,  since it has to do with some of the workings of the Company that Cannot be Named,   but one of these days….there will be a rant to end all rants on here.  I promise.  It probably won’t be easy to do that without using the “F” word I realise,  but I’ll give it a good try.

Then,  since she wants to go to the Czech Republic at the end of the month,  she asked if I could set up an appointment to get the winter tires installed.  That will take place next Friday at 2:30.

I’m getting to know the routine in that regard,  since it’s very helpful if I have the slip of paper in front of me from the last time I was there,  with my customer number at hand.  Easy peasy.

And yes,  we will probably get some snow.




You’ll always know I’m running out of sh*t to talk about,  when I start putting in random photos.

Here are a couple things I’ve noticed over the last day or so.

First of all,  one of the reasons we’d prefer not to park on the street,  apart from the fact that it’s a daily chore for the people who do, to find a spot EACH AND EVERY NIGHT,  is that your car is just out there.  Who knows what’s going to happen?


Click on the pic and take a gander at what’s on the hood.  I wouldn’t be happy to come out to see that in the morning.  Unless of course,  I was looking to add to my glass collection.   There’s a bar around here somewhere that’s missing a glass.

I’ve never understood why anyone would spend all that money on a decent car,  and then not be willing to pony up the dough to park it in a parking garage over night?   Our monthly rate is something like €130.   That would be manageable I would think?


Then there was this tiny plaque that I spotted the other day on Neubaugasse.




It’s a little poignant reminder of what happened after the Anschluss in 1938.

It’s in memory of the “Selber” family,  who lived at that residence for many years. All three of the people mentioned in the other three quadrants were murdered by the Nazis.



It don’t think I can add too much to that.



Hope everyone has a fine weekend.

Count your blessings.


Thanks for stopping by.




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