Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Chicken Soup day.


I wouldn’t want to get too racy or anything,  so please don’t misunderstand when I say,  breasts don’t work when it comes to this sort of thing.  You need legs.   Chicken legs,  of course. 

What did you think I was talking about?


I already had the idea yesterday that I wouldn’t mind having chicken soup today,  which of course means making sure I pick up some chicken pieces with dark meat.

I think I had better not continue to elaborate on the benefits of white versus dark chicken meat when it comes to the extraction of flavour.  I already have this idea there will be some random hits from individuals looking for something salacious.


I think I’ve mentioned the effect that any cold damp weather has on either one of us,  and the idea of sitting in a thousand year old church with no heat made it easy to forego the Church program today.

Suffice to say, the weather today is not really all that conducive to going out.   I’m not going to elaborate,  since it’ll just sound like I’m complaining. 


So I decided to bake instead!


mmmm banana bread.

I know,  I don’t usually bake on a Sunday,  but every so often it’s a good idea to make these little changes,  yes?  

Livin’ on the edge,  I tell ya.

I’m getting the whole,  “mixing without a mixer”  thing down to a fine art by now.  Ironically,  I only ever use our stand mixer back home for making whipped cream it seems.  If I do decide to continue on the baking front whenever we get home again, I won’t know what to do with all that spare time.  And energy.


And that’s pretty much it for today folks.  We’ve already polished off the soup,  and the banana bread is getting down to the half way mark. 

No suffering on either account.




Now,  here’s something I noticed the other day.   Isn’t there something inherently wrong with telling the world your name and that of your spouse on the back of your vehicle? 



Why look! It's Wolfgang und Barbara!


Oh look!  That must be Wolfgang and Barbara!   Right,  now I know the name of that bastard who ran over our dog!

See?   Not a good idea.

I made that part up.  I don’t have a dog.  Just used that for dramatic effect.


I’m also amazed at the folks in RV parks who not only like to advertise their name, but will also quite often put in the name of their home town.  I mean,  maybe if you’re the “Smiths from Grand Rapids”,  that might not be so bad,  since there’s probably a couple thousand others,   but if you’re the Sporcles, from Wichita Falls?  Why not just add to the sign and say,  “and please don’t break in,  there’s a key hanging up in the shed,  thanks”?


Just an observation.


One of those little mysteries of the human condition.   Like belly button lint. 


Hope everyone has had a fine weekend.  We’ve enjoyed ours so far.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. You certainly do live on the edge! Thanks for the intricacies of mixing! I find your posts extremely entertaining and will keep coming back! Nice to get a bloke perspactive on life!

  2. I meant 'perspective'. Don't want you to think that teachers can't spell! As I daily tell my kids 'edit your writing!' I need to listen to my own advice!

  3. hope the soup and banana bread were yummyolicious!! as for names on the back of your rig?..well it's okay but you did put a different perspective on it! is a good thing..

  4. Umm chicken soup...did you make dumplings? I know, not healthy, but good!


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