Saturday, October 29, 2011

Warm Feet.

So Travelling Companion is back safe and sound from her jaunt to Romania. 

I managed to miss her call from Bucharest,  since I’m a dope and forgot about the hour difference, and was out picking up a few things.  We don’t have any kind of answering device here.  It’s not very often that anyone phones,  and it’s not like an answering machine is beyond my technical know how,  I’ve just never ever bothered.

I usually take along my cell phone,  but not at that particular moment.  Just the same I headed off to the airport in a timely fashion and she arrived on time.  No big deal.  There was a brief discussion about phone calls,  missed calls etc., and when I eventually took a look at the receipt from the grocery store,  it was easy enough to figure out that I quite simply wasn’t here.

We decided to eat with “the boys”,  which is the term we use for eating at the restaurant downstairs.   It’s the Cafe Cosmopolitan,  which is owned and run by a couple brothers. 

We’ll go for months without stopping in it seems,  but then we’ve been in twice in as many weeks.  The food is reasonable,  and reasonably priced.  

The salmon I picked up for last night’s meal will be fine for tonight.  I do it on the BBQ in a little foil “boat”,  with a lightly drizzled mixture of olive oil,  garlic and salt and pepper.   I’ve had to ease up on the garlic,  since I’ve had some somewhat negative feedback.  Lee Valley Tools sells a rasp that works really well for the garlic.  Just thought I’d mention it.

And that’s because,  there’s not much else to mention.

The stores are starting to carry Christmas lights,  so we made a trip to Bauhaus for three strings.  This isn’t something we were willing to bother with up until now,  but since we’re staying in Europe for Christmas,  I thought we’d sling something up on the terrace.   Haven’t figured that out yet.   Not sure about the Christmas tree program.  I could certainly live without one,  but I’m usually not the final decision maker is those areas.


The following quite possibly has nothing to do with Vienna,  as much as some of the whacky things you see in the city.   For some reason or other,  there’s been a race car on display about a block from our front door on Mariahilferstrasse.   It was still there on Saturday.  I took this on Thursday.   Your guess is as good as mine.



In one of my bored moments,  I decided to hoof it out to the Gürtel that night (Thursday),  and took a pic of the newly renovated west train station.  (the “Westbahnhof”)  If you go to that link, you’ll see a picture of the way it used to look.



I have no comment.   Well,  it is kind of unique I suppose.  They’re due to have a “grand opening”  some time in November.  The whole train/subway station has been operational during the last two year period during which time this huge structure was built,  but now there will be shops and offices as well.   Need to pay the rent I suppose.



The “warm feet”?  Almost forgot.  One of the few things I enjoy about this time of year is the fact that we have under floor heating in our bathrooms.   If you don’t have it,  you need to get it.  I’m having thoughts of installing it in our bathrooms back home.   Mmmmm…toasty.  I could just stay in the bathroom,  but I guess that’s not really a healthy “lifestyle choice”.


And that kids,   is about it.   Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.

Keep your eyes moving.


Thanks for stopping by.





  1. We have circulating hot water heat in our old house. In one place in the laundry room where the pipes run through the concrete flood there is a warm spot. I love to stand in that spot but there's not much I can do from there other than watch the washer go 'round!! Know what you mean though about those warm floors.

  2. Another interesting post about life in Europe! I like the idea of being in the city within walking distance of so many different things.

  3. Nice post. We had radiant heat on the entire first floor of our house. LOVED it! Everything...sofa, chairs, etc...stayed warm. I loved my feet being warm all the time.

  4. Your life in Europe sounds so interesting! Have never been there. Would love to go one day!

  5. A very interesting station bldg. A number of houses in the Netherlands have heated floors.

    The number of motorhomes here have them as well. They are great until they start leaking:(


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