Tuesday, October 4, 2011

How are those “back hardenings” there, Hans?


It’s “The Second Work Day”,  which is some secret accounting code for,  “I’ll be working late”.  Not much point in explaining that.

Other than that expected annoyance, it’s certainly not going to be a very exciting day here in Wienerland,  and there’s not much I can do to get around that.

Except perhaps,  add a little levity.



Something caught my attention yesterday at the airport,  while waiting with the hoards for our visitor to appear.

Now,  I might look at a sign that’s been put up by a shop owner who,  in spite of their entrepreneurial spirit,  may have not done all that well when taking English in school,  and not be too critical if they’ve put up something a little goofy.


Not everyone has the knack for foreign language learning.  I consider myself somewhat lucky,  even though at my age I seem to have a shit of a job remembering stuff.  (That would be “CRS”*,  in case you were interested)


We’ve all seen examples of “Spangish”  “Japlish” or any of those other hybrids out there.  Sometimes they make little sense.  It looks like English,  and sort of sounds like English.  But it’s not.

Or maybe they’ve used some words that might not be quite appropriate?

 Kat and Rob 431

I ripped this one off from my daughter.



HOWEVER.  If you’re going to put up a sign in an international airport in a very public area,  don’t you think you might want to check with a native speaker first,  before sending your order out to have it printed up? 



Well,  who knew?

Here I’ve lived all this while, and never had a clue that a massage chair could help your “back hardenings”. 

It actually sounds kind of ghastly.





On the “local happenings” front.  The boys are pressing on with their Meccano set.




That was sure worth the wait,  wasn’t it?


(this would be that “sarcasm font” again.)



*Can’t Remember Shit.


  1. Maybe that's what Jim has - back hardenings. I'll have to check into that for him. lol

    CRS - the universal disease.

  2. Oh I have it too every day at 5pm when I quit working....Ha


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