Thursday, October 6, 2011

It’s the Darkness.

Not even the cold.  Although I’m not overly keen on the cold,  that’s for sure. 

No,  it’s the increasing hours of darkness that I find the most….troublesome.  It’s hard to choose the proper word.  Don’t want to sound like I’m complaining or anything. 

It was something that was briefly mentioned in one of the papers yesterday.  It seems that the number of pedestrians that get struck increases dramatically in the winter months.  It gets dark early. People are not that bright.  And yes,  there’s a double meaning there kids. 

Turns out I was once again on the transit system later yesterday afternoon,  since an invite out to dinner was offered by Travelling Companion.  Part of the “deal” is though,  that I’m the one who has to make the dinner reservations.  It was Frank's,  and a Wednesday,  so I had no trouble reserving for three people.  (note, that’s not the proper Frank’s website,  but some sort of reviewing site.  Frank’s is all in German.  Figured I wouldn’t go there.)

The last time we did this sort of thing,  Travelling Companion came by our front door with one of her associates,  and I proceeded to hop in the back seat.   I ended up driving anyway,  and I think I mentioned the quasi-clown-car circus act that we did a couple blocks away. 

I figured I’d simply try something a little less stressful for everyone concerned this time,  and offered to simply get myself out to Strebersdorf by means of public transit,  pick up the car (we do have a second key)  and do the driving from the start.  A much better plan it turns out.


Not easy taking decent pictures from the train.   This is the same location from two different perspectives.  First from the train,  and then later on that night,   located at one of the stations that first passed by at around 5:40 p.m.



It’s a little bit hard to describe the journey,  since Google Maps will only let me show how to get there by car.  I can find out the train times on the web,  so that does make it easier.  If you’re remotely interested,  I did find a pdf file showing the journey here.  (go ahead,  it won’t bite)


The websites for both “Wiener Linien” (Vienna Lines) and the ÖBB (Bundesbahn Österreich)  are confusing like nobody’s business,  and you’re welcome to fritter away some time there trying to figure sh*t out.  I’m done.

I did notice when I was rummaging around on the train website,  that you can take your car on the train to certain places.  All the way to Hamburg for something like €108.  Hm,  interesting concept.


Not much to talk about in the dinner department.  Frank’s does have a decent American style hamburger,  and the onion rings were pretty much what I expected.  That’s all a fellow can ask for.




Oh,  speaking of “all a fellow can ask for”,  I was hoofing it down Neubaugasse this morning after my trip to the bakery,  and there was a young lady giving out free samples.

Now,  I quite often just walk on by when it comes to some of these things,  since it’s usually some sort of noxious cream or perfume or what have you.  Today though I decided that taking one of the samples would be OK.


I mean,  what man could possibly pass up a free roll of sh*t tickets!




Yes kids,   she was handing out toilet paper.

(that link will take you to a very lovely 27 second video that quite nicely shows their fine outstanding product)


And….since I had just been to the bakery, I was able to slip that one in my shopping bag (wait for it) right next to my buns!




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  1. That's my old flat! 4th sunny top floor window to the left of the statue of the Austria-Hungarian Navy Admiral Wilhelm von Tegetthoff.

  2. rofl...great post....thanks for sharing...


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