Friday, October 21, 2011

Should we bother?


Last night's sunset.


Since Travelling Companion has this idea that she just might have to venture off into the nether regions of the Czech Republic next week,  the chore of getting the winter tires put on the car came to the forefront.   I probably shouldn’t use the term “chore”,  since tire changing for me since 2008 has mostly been about me  making a phone call and showing up on time.  Before that,  I did my own tire changes in my garage or driveway,  depending on the outside temperature.

This is where a two ton jack, a compressor and a kick ass impact gun comes in really handy.

Of course that also meant doing the tire changes for both daughters and one of their cousins.  Oy.

Changing 16 tires fall and spring every year isn’t really something I’d care to do as a hobby though?   I’m just saying.  Unless you have a hoist that puts the wheels up at something close to chest height,  it’s not something I consider “good times”.

We’ll see if I want to pick up where I left off with that particular activity whenever we move back home again.  The jury is kind of “out” on that one.


So what that means is,  I’m the chauffeur for the day.   T.C. doesn’t mind at all.  She’d be quite happy if I drove every day.   This was the norm when we spent that year in Puerto Rico.  I needed the car each and every day,  since we were pretty much out in the boonies.   Plus it was only a 10 minute jaunt down to her office.   Here it’s a bit more of a challenge,  which is why I didn’t get back to the Sanctum Santorum this morning until well after 9:00 a.m.

Talk about messing up my busy schedule! 




Well,  as we all know,  today is October 21st.   It’s supposed to be quite the special day.  See,  according to some jackass…   well, a fellow by the name of Harold Camping,  the world is going to come to an end today. 


Kind of has beady eyes,  doesn't he?


What?  You haven’t heard?  


We’re not quite clear on the time however.  Central European time?  East Africa time?    Mountain time?


The first time around,  back in May I think it was,  there was a big “to do”  about the whole non-event,  with billboards,  interviews….popcorn.  OK,  maybe they didn’t give out popcorn,  but they should have!  Would have made it worthwhile.

Turns out,  he “miscalculated”.   But today is THE DAY!  

Believe me! 

(I’m pointing my righteous finger of indignation,  just so you know)


Get your post rapture loot bag at the ready!   Somewhere I read there’s even a post rapture film festival.   If some smart entrepreneurial type isn’t selling a post rapture T-shirt,  I’d really be surprised.  Damn,  I missed my chance!


It follows therefore,  that I felt it incumbent upon me to at least bring up the subject this morning in the car.  Should I plan dinner?  Should I get another case of beer?  I’m going to need a hair cut soon,  what do I do?

Oh my!


Well,  it turns out we’ll put those snow tires on the car just in case. 

I mean really, the folks at the garage down the street from us here on Zieglergasse would be not only a little annoyed,  but possibly utterly dumbfounded if I were to cancel this afternoon’s appointment.   I mean,  everyone who has a car in Austria is getting their winter tires put on,  and you don’t think you should because of some old dude in California?  Hm…

I’m not even going to talk about Travelling Companion’s hair appointment for tomorrow!  I’ve already had to postpone that one once,  so there’s no way I’m cancelling that one for some “Rapture”.    I’m sure if I brought up the subject at the hairdresser’s,  she’d be willing to remove me from the face of the earth herself.  No need for no “rapture”.


Should we send “Thank-you” cards?  If I were a comedian in North America,  I probably would.  I mean,  you can’t make this stuff up.  Why hire writers?


Feel free to talk amongst yourselves.





Now,  for your further amusement,  this is what I saw on the way back into the city this morning.


The big cup.

Yup,  that’s one big-assed coffee cup.


Gotta love city life!

And by the way,  the thought occurred to me that I could somehow tie the photo of the big coffee cup in with the “Rapture”.  I had this vision of some big Monty Python-esque “Hand of God” coming down and picking it up…taking a big slurp…

OK,  maybe that’s a bit of a stretch.



Thanks for stopping by.




  1. :-) Hope you get this comment if you dont then ......well it happened

  2. Bye Bob, was nice blogging with you! Thought I better get that in "just in case". That guy will probably come back tomorrow and say his prediction was off again, and that it should be maybe... May 2012!

    Have a good one, hope you will not have wasted your day getting tires on.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. Gee, and I thought it wasn't coming until December. I really messed that one up didn't I. Guess I'll say so long and see ya after. But before I go, I just can't believe you have to put on snow tires already.

  4. Too funny - it was just on the CBS Early Show. They don't know what time either.

  5. I am still here, so I guess he was wrong again:)

  6. I am still here too!..didn't know the world was coming to an end!? did I miss that?

  7. Love reading your entertaining blogs. I like your reference to Monty Python! Something that I and the girls can identify with! Going to watch the Life of Brian again tomorrow! What end of the world and what time exactly?


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