Saturday, October 8, 2011

Opera Angst.

Not much happening today. 



DSC_10002 (2)

You can get a pretty good idea from the look of that sky,  that the temperature has dropped like a stone over the last 24 hours or so after the rain and wind from yesterday.  Bound to happen.  When I peered out at the thermometer this morning it was showing a blustery 9°. 

Cr*p. Time to bundle up. 

By the way,  temperatures are always going to be in Celsius.   I don’t wanna do the converting anymore!  A: I’m a Canuck,  and B:  We’re in Europe.  You’ll just have to do your own math.  Hey, it’s good mental exercise!


So here’s the deal with the Opera situation.  We know that the Opera starts at seven p.m.   Unfortunately,  at this time of the year,  Travelling Companion is completely swamped with a host of things to sort out for the Company that Cannot be Named,  and there’s always that time during her commute when we’re not completely sure if she’s going to actually make it home in time to then turn around and go back out again.  

We had only purchased two tickets to last night’s performance of Madame Butterfly,  since I didn’t have a huge desire to see that particular opera again.  When Travelling Companion and I saw it some time last year,  I wasn’t overly impressed with the choice of soprano,  so I figured I’d just as soon stay home,  in case it was the same chick from last year.  Turns out it wasn’t, but whatever.


So,  did she make it “home” in time to then turn around and go back out?   Well,  no.   I just met her down at street level with her ticket,  and then proceeded to chauffeur her down to the Opera.  What would we do without cell phones and Bluetooth?


Nan?  (whose idea it was to go in the first place?)

Well see,  the waiting game was way too stressful for her,  so she headed off on the subway with an hour to spare.  She’s the tourist here,  we’re not.

T.C. and I made it there on time,  but only just.   Good thing they were primo tickets down on the floor level,  since I’m not even sure she would have had time to hike up to either of the balconies.  

Seems they both enjoyed it immensely.   This is good. 


On Tuesday,  Nan and I will be heading out to see “The Magic Flute”.  I’ve never seen that one,  although I’ve caught snippets over the years.

A Tuesday night is almost impossible for T.C.,  so that was the reason for only purchasing two tickets to each in the first place.  We figured it was a foregone conclusion that she would be able to make it home on a Friday afternoon.  How hard could that be?

This is also the reason I’m often reluctant to buy tickets for any of these events,  since we never really know far enough in advance just what sort of stress is going to be involved in actually getting there.  Unless of course,  we travel to another country with the express intent of going out.  Seems to be the only completely fool proof option.  Albeit a pricier one.


Our guest is out and about today,  in spite of the blustery weather.  She wanted to head down to the  Naschmarkt and revel in all the junk at the flea market that takes place each Saturday at one end.  You can infer from the fact that she’s on her own, that flea market gallivanting isn’t exactly my cup of tea?

I saw it.



And as far as Travelling Companion is concerned,  she’s working from home today. 

And so it goes.



The boys with the Meccano set have been stymied by the rain,  but they seem to have a frame up at this point:

DSC_10002 (1)



Hope everyone has a fine weekend. 


A “Happy Thanksgiving!”  to all my fellow Canucks.


Thanks for stopping by.




  1. I'm slowly getting into this converting because I follow so many Canadian blogs. But it definitely is a mental exercise for me. Glad T.C. made it in time. I would have been with Nan.

  2. Thanks for the mental exercise. I thought once I stopped teaching I could rest my brain.
    We aren't opera people. We have only seen the Phantom of the Opera. I loved it...Paul not so much.


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