Friday, October 7, 2011

The Good, The Bad, you know the rest.



First, the good.


There’s the banana bread I made yesterday.  Yup.



Oh,  and the dinner I made wasn’t too shabby either.

It’s all about the prep time.






The bad:


I’ll try not too get carried away.

First,  there’s today’s weather.  We’ve HAD some great fall weather.  As a matter of fact,  it’s been the warmest fall weather for something like 150 years around here.  When I said I was putting away the shorts?  Well,  not all of them.  It’s still shorts weather.  Well,  at least it WAS.

Being on the top floor,  I guess we’re a little more observant of really heavy rain?  Or something.   All I know is,  the crazy wind and heavy rain woke me up some time this morning before five.  It’s now after lunch time.  It hasn’t really let up.


I don’t want to sound like one of those infomercial guys,  but wait,  *there’s more!*


There was that entire bottle of olive oil that I managed to break last night just as I was making dinner. 



Like a complete dough head,  as I was trying to get something out of that cupboard there,  I managed to catch the top of it and it came out and landed on the floor with a thud.   It only took a fall of about three inches.  The tile is pretty unforgiving.  It was the replacement bottle,  which was going to take the place of the one that was just about empty.  Couldn’t have been the other way around,  of course.



But,  I managed to get it all cleaned up. 

(and bought another bottle this morning.)



This is probably common sense for some folks, (although there are rumours that common sense is in really short supply these days)  but DISH SOAP is formulated to break up grease.  With this much however,  it did take a few changes of the water in the kitchen sink.  *sigh*

Just a little “Caretaker Tip” there. 

Of course,  you first have to scoop up the bulk of it,  along with the broken glass somehow.  This is where the dust pan comes in.




And then,  there’s the ugly:



About ever two weeks,  I have to clean out one or both of the goofy little traps that we have in the showers here.  I think this is also due to the whole place being built on a roof top, and there’s not enough room for a proper “P” trap?  That’s my guess anyway.



See the stupid little thing?



Goes back in its little drain hole,


and then the grate goes back.

I certainly didn’t want to take a picture of how it looks before I cleaned it out.  It’s too gross.   The drain starts to back up after about a week and a half,  and then I know it’s time.  *Gah*

Pain in the ass. 

But, you’ll notice the towel on the floor all folded up?  It’s also a pain in the knees.



So let me think now,  how can I put a “glass half full” twist on this?  Well,  thankfully we do have Tylenol (for the knees)  and today my hands are REALLY SOFT.  




  1. A broken bottle of olive oil, now that would be a mess to clean up. Murphy's Law definitely came into play there with the full bottle and empty one, go figure as you say. Looks like you did a great job cleanning it up. Your dinner looked delicious!

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. the broken bottle must have been a mighty fine mess but the drain in the shower..eww...I hate hair in the drain...makes me gag just writing this...

  3. I think your olive oil would be worse to clean up then my lemon bars that fell all over the oven door and the floor. But boy that banana bread looks wonderful. Jim always accuses me of plugging up our drain screens with my gray hair. Problem is, I think he's right.

  4. Hey, the before picture would have been terrific!

  5. K & R:
    I didn't even rant and rave! Forgot to mention that. I think I did say, "shit on a shingle", or something to that effect.
    You just have to sort of squeegee the entire mess onto the dust pan, and then dump. Had to take the whole garbage can downstairs this morning though. Some glass must have punched a hole in the bag.
    The shower chore doesn't make me gag, but I do seem to hold my mouth a certain way.
    Some of it was my hair too. Most of them were of the long variety though. Not naming names.
    No. Sorry. There would be too many folks gagging out there. Trying to stick with at least a "PG" rating here.
    My profile pic is scary enough.

  6. I would have hated to clean up that olive oil. Good idea...dishing washing soap. I probably would have thrown some flour on it and let it soak it up. And to add insult to injury...olive oil isn't the cheap!

  7. I definitely would have ranted and raved...then I would have probably had a dizzy spell and Rick would have taken over the mess...rofl.....yup I know how to play it...


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