Saturday, September 10, 2011

When you make a slight error.

One of the little tasks that I had set out to do when we were back in Canada was to buy another drive of some sort for myself.   “Worst Buy” had a 1 terabyte drive on sale for something like sixty-nine bucks,  so that was easy.  I was actually headed for “Futile Shop”, but ended up getting a little mixed up in my own home town.  They moved,  and I forgot.  I mean,  I’m in “Futile Shop”  so often and all.
The main reason was to get a bunch of media files lifted from another drive that I like to use only for making a back-up of the laptop.   That sucker was getting full.
According to one of my nephews who is a kind of guy who can not only write you a program,  but also install all your hardware,  “It’s not a matter or ‘if’ your computer will crash,  but a matter of ‘when’.” 
Words to live by.
To be on the safe side though,  and it perhaps doesn’t make that much of a difference,  I figured I’d ‘copy’ everything,  and then go back to the source and delete the files and folders that I had copied. 
Well….turns out there were a 1004 files in 203 folders, and I’m not sure if ‘moving’ them would have gone any faster either.  Besides,  what happens when you’re in the midst of moving files,  and something goes in the crapper?   Do you lose them?    That would completely suck.
So I sort of tied up the computer for a while there.  The little timer thingy started out at over 200 minutes or something.   That’s what?  Over three hours.   *sigh*.
Now,  I know you’re supposed to be able to do all sorts of things with these wonderful operating systems these days,  which is the reason they call it “Windows” and all, (isn't it?) but the bottom line is,  I’m just not very trusting.  I would just as soon leave the thing alone and go read a book.   Actually,  I spent some quiet time leafing through the Lee Valley catalogue,  if you must know.   One of the little treasures I brought from home.
There’s something blissfully tactile about looking through an actual catalogue,  even when the company has a perfectly serviceable website.   I think the same can be said for reading a newspaper.  The whole ‘on line’ or ‘tablet’ experience isn’t one I’ve quite gotten used to.   Yet.

Other than that,  not too danged much happening today in Wienerland.   We had one last visit from summer,  and it got up to somewhere in the neighbourhood of 25°C or so.  There was a bit of a breeze,  so it only got slightly uncomfortable for a short while.
We did make sure to have a daily dose of toasted tomato sandwiches.   One of the by-products of my trip down to Slovenia.  “Slovenian cousin” has a rather top notch garden.

They don’t even look ripe,  but trust me,  these tomatoes are vine ripened.  It makes all the difference.
This is something I can eat until I either have an upset stomach or canker sores in my mouth.  I’m not kidding.  It’s one of those seasonal things like sweet corn.  I just eat it until it’s gone.

Hope everyone is having a fine weekend.



  1. Computers are such a necessary evil. We have a click free for our backup and try to remember to do it every week (yea sure!). But it works really great. My hubby would join right with you on those tomato sandwiches.

  2. Hiya Bob! Your tomato sammich looks GREAT!! I'm addicted to tomatoes too. Even bought a basil plant so my tomatoes would have some company on the way down my belly :)

    BTW...The poop was scooped! (from the crapping dog pic)

    BTWW... Sorry to post about poop and food in the same comment. I have no manners ;) hehe!

  3. *gasp*! Two comments! The contents of which are unimportant. (well, almost)


    And we're down to our last Slovenia tomato. *sigh*


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