Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to the lab.

Not sure what the deal is with Live Writer,  but it’s starting to really aggravate me.   There’s the issue of it not wanting to load up to the blog,  which kind of defeats the purpose of the whole thing. 

In addition to that,  there’s something else going on,  since I’ve been having the odd “crash” now and again ever since I started using the program.  Could be a huge coincidence,  but I doubt it. 

The thing with the crashing is,  I don’t mind all that much,  since most everything is backed up.  I mean,  I just expect to get ripped off and shafted when using anything written by Big Brother. The one thing you can rely on is the inherent susceptibility of anything the idiots at Microsoft create to crash and burn at some point.   It’s bound to happen.  I just try not to be disappointed.

As long as there are no surprises,  then we’re all happy little sheep?  Yes?


Only thing is,  today wasn’t a good example of getting all the info safely tucked away before the inevitable crash,  as I managed to lose a post that was,  oh I don’t know,  about a thousand words long?   Not sure.  

I mean,  I have all the time in the world,  right?


Of course,  by sticking with using Blogger in draft,  the posts get saved as you go,  but then mean possibly having an internet connection that’s not squirrelly,  and the hope that Blogger doesn’t do some sort of herniated explosion some day and lose everything that’s been written as well.   Should we all just go back to pen and paper?   Unfortunately,  my penmanship started to decline some time back in about 1975,  right after I started fooling around with The Cyrillic Alphabet and then Old German Script


Anyway,  depending on the extent of my patience today,  I’ll try and re-create some of the charming and generally wonderful things I had to say in the post that I lost.  


Here goes:


Saturday:  Went shopping.  Went to City Hall.  Went to the Austrian Parliament,   Took a brief stroll outside the circus.   There’s a circus theme there,  but it’s only coincidence.  Has nothing to do with government.  Not on Saturday anyway.

Should I elaborate?   Will it all be in vain?   I a little worried.

Seriously!  Why am I doing this?? 


I took pictures.  Really. 


OK fine.  I’ll slow down.

I’ll go back a few days.

At some point when we were seated in our “dining area”,  sister-in-law became quite enamoured with a lamp I had installed over the table last year some time.  OK,  maybe it’s a little bit more than a “lamp”,  since it is a little fancy.

I hunted high and low for a picture of the thing,  but ended up just taking another one:




After having purchased that one,  Travelling Companion thought it would be nice to have something over the mirrors in the bathrooms.




I mean,  doesn’t everyone have Swarovski crystal chandelier/lamp thingies in their bathrooms?  No? 

I’m rolling my eyes here,  even though I kind of like the one over the dining room table.   All three lamps will be getting shipped back to Canada whenever we move back,  by the way.   We had to make sure the lamps were interchangeable with ones that are made for 110 volts.  It’s all good.    I mean,  I could leave the present lamps in there,  but since they’re rated for 220,  they’d be a tad dim. 

So anyhoo,  the plan was to stop by the place where we had purchased these puppies,  since sister-in-law thought she’d like to take something home with her for a friend who just loves this sort of thing. 

For my part,  I’ve been there and done that,  so I would have been just as happy to wait in the car,  but I had to tag along to act as interpreter,  which I guess is another one of my “jobs”.  

So if you consider the price of some of these things,  (there was one chandelier there that was €23,000)   sister-in-law did well to come out of there with a table lamp that was something like €250.   A regular bargoon!

Hey,  whatever floats yer boat.


Now,  I think I’m just going to make an attempt at posting this,  and call it a day.

Travelling Companion just called from Italy to say she was waiting by the luggage carousel,  and they were having some sort of technical difficulties.  It’s mid afternoon,  are the Italians all asleep?  

She’ll call me later tonight from her room.


There’s more to the story.


Keep your fingers crossed.




  1. I haven't had any trouble with live writer lately. Fingers crossed. The chandelier is definitely beautiful. I can't imagine having one and since I live in an RV that would be a good thing.

  2. Ha! No, not quite acceptable for RV living. It's probably one of the very few "nice things" that I've been willing to agree to over the last few years. Mostly I just figure we have enough "stuff" and leave it at that.
    I see some of those "high end" motorhomes with china cabinets and such? Not sure what the point is, and not only that, who is going clean all that? If a person had a "cleaning lady" in their previous life, then how is that going to work if they then go on the road? Is there such a thing as a drive thru "Molly Maid"? Just wondering.

  3. I have got myself in the habit of 'Saving'my Live Writer posts as I go along. Top left corner if you are using the new version. If I have too many things open on my desktop when I hit the LW 'Publish' button I can sometimes get an error message as it is trying to publish. Have got in the habit of closing things out before or during publishing and that seems to work. Been using Internet Explorer since 1998 & it seems to work fine for us.


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