Friday, September 16, 2011

Three for three.



We’ve been having a bit of a mixed bag in the weather department,  and that usually means some interesting views of the sky.  Thought I’d share.
I’m actually referring to three different “pick-ups”,  the three photos is merely a coincidence.

There’s always that moment when waiting at the airport when I think the person I’m waiting for has somehow slipped past me, but it’s just my over active imagination.  Or something.    It’s a creeping sensation that starts to come over me after about 15 minutes though,  when I start to try and figure out just what flight the people were on when they’re coming out through the doors.  If they have a honkin’ big Canadian flag on their belongings,  then that can be a clue,  but other than that,  the constant peering into the faces can start to become a bit tedious.   Considering my less than stellar attention span,  it can be a real exercise in staying focused.
My sister-in-law emerged from the point of no return within a half hour of her flight having landed,  and we were good to go. 
She had originally offered to take public transit to our place,  which is entirely doable,  and I’ve done it myself,  but she was quite relieved when I emailed her to say I’d have the car and was quite willing to come and fetch her.  It’s just one less thing to try and get your head around after a long overseas flight. 
The routine then after coming in to Wienerland,  is to try and sleep a couple hours,  and then get yourself adjusted to the time change.  It’s six hours.  By this morning she felt like she had made the transition.

It’s not a completely unmanageable mob scene,  but there are always those who think they need to crowd right up to the barrier.   I prefer to hang back, and give specific instructions to any arriving passenger(s).
“Turn slightly to your right,  and I’ll be under the sign for the casino, ‘Admiral Entertainment’.”   Works every time,  unless the person has some “right/left” issues. 
It’s happened.

This could be one of the reasons why I’ve managed to avoid any kind of head cold issues since coming here.  I do tend to be rather “stand-offish”,  and although I hope that I’m not a complete “germa-phobe”,  I do wash my hands each and every time I come in the door from being “out and about”.   Seems to be working so far.  (touch wood)

As scheduled,  I then meandered down to the pharmacy in the afternoon to pick up the prescription for Travelling Companion.  They at least do have one wicket that is clearly marked,  “Nur Abholung”.   (literally, ‘only pick-up’)  There’s still a certain amount of standing around involved,  but I’m done complaining about that whole situation.   The pills were in,  we have them.  ‘Nuff said.
Then the third pick-up for the day was Travelling Companion,  who called from somewhere north of here to say when she figured she’s be at a pre-arranged drop off point.   This was a hotel on the Ring,  so that wasn’t a challenge to find,  although I did make sure to later enter the address in the GPS for her for this morning,  since finding places in this city is not one of her strengths, and she had offered to be taxi driver for the Big Head this morning.  She likes to be frugal that way,  and one of these days I’ll relate to you a little snippet about when we were in Puerto Rico,  as relates to this “frugality”.
The sister-in-law went along for the ride,  just to take in a bit of the city,  and of course to see her sister.  
I already knew by that point that I’d be going out again,  since dinner had been arranged for four of them last night at an obscure location in the first district.   This of course naturally means that muggins here is the chauffeur,  (and no beer for Bob) although it would have been entirely possible to take the subway.  Not very sporting of me though since,  as I’ve mentioned,  doing these drives from time to time is kind of “my job”.    We will take the subway if we’re going somewhere and I’d like to have maybe a couple drinks.   The whole “drinking and driving” thing here in Austria is really,  really,  really not a good idea,  since the blood alcohol level is set so low (something like .05?)  that you only need to sniff the cork,  and you might be over the limit.  They jerk your licence.  You’re done.   That’s not something we’d ever want to have to entertain.  No sir.  Not sure just how you go about getting your license back, but the plan is to not ever have to find out.
The funny thing was,  even though I mistimed our arrival by about four or five minutes,  (late)  Travelling Companion was the first one there,  since the natives got lost!   The First District in Vienna is an area that I do refer to as the “Rabbit Warren”,  and it is easy to get turned around,  especially at night,  and I was feeling pretty smug about them not being able to find their way when I later heard the news.   Silly Viennese.  Don’t know their own city!
Travelling Companion had a very good idea where she was,  and referred to the Jesuiten Kirche (Jesuit Church….click the link) just around the corner,  but said she preferred the Augustiner Kirche instead.    Apparently she’s better acquainted with the downtown area than these guys!    At least when it comes to all the churches we’ve gone to.   Well,  and more than a couple restaurants too. 

I see by our “Winnie-the-Pooh” clock that I need to get myself out the door.  
Until tomorrow then.

Keep your powder dry.



  1. You do your job well. Do they drive on the "wrong" side in Vienna? I am usually the designated driver cause I probably don't have one drink a year. And I agree, I don't want to find out what the punishment is for having a drink and then driving.

  2. No, over here on "The Continent", as it's referred to by the Brits, we drive on the proper side. I have done that "wrong side" thing though, a couple years ago when we were in the UK. It's a challenge, but entirely possible. The drivers I have the greatest respect for though are the tour bus drivers from the UK who come over here (with their tour buses, obviously) and are driving from the right hand side.
    That takes some serious skill.


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