Sunday, September 4, 2011

Asleep in the left lane.

One of the things I sure as hell won’t miss about going back to Europe is the way everyone drives in North America.  I’m being all inclusive here,  since it’s an epidemic that has spread throughout the entire continent.  See,  when there’s a sign that clearly says, “Slower traffic keep right”,  that means “get the hell out of the passing lane”.   Of course,  most drivers in North America have no clue what the “passing lane”  actually is,  or what the inside lane is,  or the outside lane.  I also blame the complacency of cruise control,  which also contributes to the sleepy headedness in the left lane. 
I’m sure I could just go on and on,  but unless you’ve never left the continent, I’m sure I’m just blowing so much fresh air.

We’ve been to Ottawa and back.   Once again we had the pleasure of staying at a “Best Western”.   It was quite a bit better than what we’ve experienced in Europe,  with the exception of the air-conditioning unit which sort of sounded like a diesel locomotive. 
Next to my bed. 
I’m a little tired today.

Doesn’t help either that it’s a five hour drive there,  and another five hour drive back again.

The wedding itself was very nice.  This is wedding number two that we’ve been to this year,  both of which were either held in or had the reception in some sort of big building.  As I mentioned the other day the reception was at the Museum of Nature. 

It seems the whole thing underwent some huge renovation that got finished up in 2010.  I think though that they ran out of money when it came to finishing off some of their rooms that they rent out.  It was pretty bare.   Just seemed like a pretty big contrast to the previous reception we went to in Vienna.  I think the both buildings were the same vintage too,  but I guess we just like things plain and simple here in Canada.   I’m trying to be kind here.  I’m not really that naive.

Anyway,  it’s late and I’m pretty much running on empty.

We’ll figure out in the morning what we want to take back with us.



  1. Put in many thousands and thousands of miles over a 13 year period running the infamous 401 between Kitchener Ontario and Pearson International Airport in Toronto years ago. Deadheads in the left lane were always my number one major complaint. Trying to get people to the Airport on time day after day through the daily log jam was never made any easier by the slugs on the road. I always felt most drivers left their brains at home in a glass jar before setting out in their vehicles. What else could explain the stupidity I encountered most every day. Probably lots of nice folks in most of those vehicles but they just had a bad habit of leaving their brains at home.......

  2. Sad to say it happens everywhere...if only we could cure stupid...

  3. Hm...I see I touched a nerve. Or two.


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