Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Last Moosehead.

Or at least the last one that I’ll be drinking for a while.   This was a thought that occurred to me Sunday night at some point.  It’s all a blur right now,  which possibly is the result of a bit of remaining jet lag. 

Travelling Companion managed to actually sleep on the plane on the way over,  but I didn’t have any such luck.  Not sure exactly what it was,  but I couldn’t seem to get comfortable.  Doesn’t matter.  We were through customs and out of the airport by 8:15 a.m. or so,  and that’s in spite of hitting the tarmac at something like 7:50.  You no doubt think I’m stretching the truth,  and if I am exaggerating,  it’s not by a whole heck of a lot.   We had a tailwind the whole way (which apparently also means unending turbulence,  but whatever)  which meant getting in about a half hour early,   which is the reason I think they had to go with the bus program rather than using a jet way.   That can actually be a good thing for the folks way at the back,   since then both the front and rear doors of the plane get opened. 

You no sooner get off the bus outside the terminal, step inside and customs is right there,  which took all of eight seconds I suppose?   Again,  if you have a Canadian or US passport,  you needn’t utter a peep.   There are no stupid assed questions like you get when returning to your home country like,  “Where are you coming from?”  “What’s the purpose of your visit"?”   That kind of crap.   It may very well be “racial profiling”,  but the bottom line is,  if you’re an average looking traveller,  and your name isn’t on some list,  you get your passport stamped,  and that is that.    No Bullshit.

AND,  I might add,  I read in the paper every so often that they still manage to nab a few terrorists here and there from time to time,  so they must be doing something right.  The Europeans have been dealing with the idea of terrorism since long before I came here back in the seventies,  and in spite of somebody getting under the radar and blowing something up once in a while,  they seem to be batting well over 500.

I’ll stop now.


So what was I really going to say?

Basically that we’re back in Wienerland.  I think I’ve sorted out my sleep issues (although,  does anyone over the age of 50?)  and we should be good to go. 

Sister-in-law and I are off to Slovenia this morning at some point,  but first I have to go down to the OAMTC and sort out my Vignette issue.    While we were back in Canada,  we had the car in for an oil change and few cosmetic things,  including a new windshield.   That means that any stickers on there went by the way side,  but the installer gave us some official looking document that allows me to go and fetch a replacement.

For anyone who hasn’t been following along,  driving on the highways in certain countries involves paying for,  and displaying a sticker on your windshield to show you’ve paid for the privilege.  It can be a pain,  but the highway upkeep then doesn’t become a burden on the taxpayer.


There’s a good chance I just might have something to say from Slovenia,  since the last time we were at the cousin’s place in Sava,  she had wireless.   Oh my!   So I’m taking along my computer.   Nyuk Nyuk.


Hope you all have a fine day.   It’s sunny and beautiful here.



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