Thursday, September 1, 2011

Shredding Shredding Shredding.





is pretty much the norm when we first come home after being away.  This time around it was seven months.   That’s a lot of cr*p to wade through.  Most of it is pretty important cr*p,  but we do get an awful lot of stuff from Investment Dude’s company, which is unfortunate since I can see just about all I need to see on line these days.  There was a promise that they would be switching to some sort of electronic notification system,  but as it stands they’re required by law to send us every tiny little snippet of information as it pertains to whatever few shekels we have invested.   Our daughter finally gave up on opening every single envelope and just leaves them stacked up until we come home. 

So needless to say,  I gave my son-in-law’s paper shredder a good work out today.  Never a good idea to simply turf paper into the recycling if it has any sort of information on it.

Actually,  that pile is from when we first came home over a week ago,  so the poor shredder has been grinding it’s way through a whole whack of stuff over the last little while.   I think I may have to hire some sort of service when we decide to get into the four drawer filing cabinet we have upstairs.  I don’t think the shredder has that much life in it.   Mind you, a lot of it will go directly into the recycling,  since it doesn’t have sensitive information on it.  For example,  I could tell you what I spent on floor tile for the downstairs apartment that I installed in the spring of 1992.  Of course,  I’d probably need to take along a lunch,  since I’m not too sure just how long it would take to actually find that piece of information,  but I know it’s in there somewhere.   Pretty sure keeping that kind of information for twenty years is not really necessary.

I’m still technically on blogcation here,  so I’m not going to get too carried away in the wordiness department. 


Tomorrow I just might talk about trousers.   Doesn’t that sound exciting?




  1. happy shredding..there is great satisfaction in shredding!..once its gone its gone!! that! about the 'trouser post'?..that sounds like it may be an interesting read!!

  2. Hm....seems we got us some "spam". I've had very little spam. Sorry there, NFL jerseys idiot, yer out!

  3. yer happy shredding, my computer desk is starting to get way aswell though i have not been away at all it other dumping papers on my desk :(


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